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2. Use Windows Explorer to copy the 11\ListPermissions folder from the companion CD to your My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\ folder. You can choose either the C# or Visual Basic version. 3. In Windows Explorer, select the My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\ folder and then double-click ListPermissions.csproj or ListPermissions.vbproj. Visual Studio .NET 2005 opens the ListPermissions project. 4. Click the Build menu and then click Build Solution. Visual Studio .NET 2005 compiles the application. 5. Copy the ListPermissions.exe file to the root of your C drive. 6. Open a command prompt and run the command C:\ListPermissions.exe. ListPermissions runs and displays several common permissions, and whether the assembly currently has that permission. Notice that you have all the listed permissions. Press Enter. Answer the following question:
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Exercise 1: Share a Document by Using the Shared Documents Folder
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How volatile is the data Data is said to be volatile when it changes frequently. As a general rule, the more volatile the data, the more regularly you should back it up. For example, readonly databases do not normally change and therefore do not need to be backed up regularly. A database whose data changes once a day, however, should be backed up daily. And a database whose data is continually changing needs to backed up repeatedly throughout the day.
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Cancelling the call is particularly relevant because there are times when you might decide that you don t want to make the user wait longer for a method to complete, so you decide to cancel execution. Polling, a system that checks the execution status of an asynchronous method and responds accordingly, is discussed in the next lesson, but for the time being, assume that you have somehow made a determination that you want to cancel execution. All that is needed is a call to the built-in CancelAsync method. If the event handler is set up properly (this is an automatic process) and you have code to check for a cancellation as shown in the previous code example, there s really nothing more that needs to be done to handle this situation.
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On computers that are equipped with a Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) compliant network adapter, you can start the computer from a server on a network instead of using a floppy disk, CD, or hard disk. A computer with a PXEcompliant network adapter broadcasts its presence on the network. A server then provides the computer with the information that is necessary to access the RIS server. After the computer starts, installation can happen automatically, or the RIS server can allow the user to select an operating system to install.
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Application Center Test
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However, if there are ties, RANK assigns the same value to each row that is tied and then skips to the next value, leaving a gap in the sequence corresponding to the number of rows that were tied. The following examples show how RANK is applied to duplicates as well as within each aggregate grouping:
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Reporting Services has two mechanisms to reduce the overhead associated with a large number of concurrent users, large datasets, and long-running queries: report caching and report snapshots. Report snapshots are reviewed in the next section. By default, a report is rendered using the most recent data. This means that every execution starts by reading the database data. This could be a large processing burden on a production server. To reduce the load on your server, you can cache a temporary copy of a report. SSRS caches the report in the ReportServer database with all the data but without any of the rendering information. If a report exists in the cache, when the next user runs the report, the user gets the data from the cache, and there is no need to reread data from the database. Because the rendering information is not stored in the cache, a user can use any
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Prompt Download signed ActiveX controls; install desktop items.
You should make sure that the network cable is seated properly in the jack on the back of the user s computer and in the jack on the wall. It is likely that something happened overnight, such as the office being cleaned, that caused the connection to loosen.
5. Change the IP address to Computer1 s address. The subnet mask should be dimmed. 6. Click OK four times to close the policy. 7. Select the IP Security Policies On Computer1 node and double-click the Active policy. There are two rules to examine here. 8. Select the first rule and check its filter action by clicking the Filter Action tab and double-clicking the selected filter action. What is the filter action
If a DHCP server is configured to supply clients on a particular subnet with the wrong Subnet Mask value, will the computers still be able to communicate
Using Your Mobile PC at Your Desk
Designing an Organizational Unit Structure
SELECT Customer.CustomerID AS Id ,Customer.AccountNumber ,Orders.X ,"Order".SalesOrderID ,"Order".rowguid AS RowGuid FROM Sales.SalesOrderHeader AS "Order" RIGHT OUTER JOIN Sales.Customer AS Customer ON Customer.CustomerID = "Order".CustomerID CROSS JOIN (SELECT NULL AS X) AS Orders WHERE Customer.CustomerID IN (1,2) ORDER BY Customer.CustomerID FOR XML AUTO, ROOT('Customers');
logins are required to use Windows credentials. If you configure your SQL Server instance in Mixed Mode, users can log in using either Windows credentials or SQL Server logins.
XACT_ABORT behaves differently when used in conjunction with a TRY block. Instead of terminating the transaction, control is transferred to the CATCH block. However, if
Real World
1. What are the steps to create a DataTable programmatically A. Run the Data Source Configuration Wizard. B. Instantiate a new DataTable and add DataColumn objects to the DataTable.Columns collection. C. Add a new DataSet object to your project. D. Instantiate a new DataSet object. 2. What object would you set the properties on to create a primary key for a DataTable A. DataSet B. DataTable C. DataColumn D. DataRelation 3. How do you specify that a DataColumn in a DataTable is part of a foreign key A. Set the DataColumn.ForeignKey property to True. B. Set the DataTable.ForeignKey property to the desired DataColumn. C. Instantiate a new ForeignKey class and add it to the DataTable.Constraints collection. D. Define the foreign key in the DataRelation object.
Lesson 1: Configuring Client security
On the Sharing tab of the printer Properties dialog box, select the Share this printer option.
To restrict the access of specific users and groups to ASP.NET Web applications, files, and folders, configure the <authorization> section of an application s Web.config file. To use code access security to limit privileges for a Web application, modify the <trust> section of a Web.config file. To restrict user access based on users IP addresses, examine the Request.UserHostAddress property. IIS and ASP.NET each determine how to process user requests based on the file s extension. Each much be separately configured to provide security for non-standard types of files. To reduce the attack surface of ASP.NET Web services, eliminate unnecessary Web services protocols by adding a <webServices> <protocols> section to your application s Web.config file using one or more <remove> subsections.
Temporary Internet Files Copies of previously visited Web pages that are stored on the hard disk for faster access the next time you need to view the same Web pages. Recycle Bin Files that have been deleted but not yet removed from the hard disk. Temporary Files Files that are used for temporary workspace by any number of applications and that are usually stored in the TEMP folder. Temporary files are supposed to be deleted by the application that created them, but that does not always happen. Temporary Offline Files Files that have been cached locally for use when the network is offline. You can remove them from the computer, but synchronize beforehand to ensure that all changes have been copied to the network. Compress Old Files Compresses infrequently used files on NTFS partitions, which often saves a significant amount of disk space.
Case Scenario
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