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1. Open Disk Management. 2. Right-click Extended_Volume and choose Delete Volume. 3. Confirm the deletion of the volume by clicking Yes. 4. Right-click Data_Volume and choose Extend Volume. The Extend Volume Wizard appears. 5. Click Next. 6. Change the amount of space being used to extend the volume to 500 MB. 7. Click Next. 8. Read the summary information. Click Finish.
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Because we marked the function as both precise (IsPrecise) and deterministic (IsDeterministic) in the CLR code, we can both persist and index a computed column that uses the function. Although the result in this particular example isn t really useful for indexing or persisting, we look at how to go about doing it because it is useful in other cases. To index the result of the function, it must first be placed in the expression of a computed column. In the following T-SQL example, a computed column using the function is added to the table and marked with the persisted attribute. The persisted attribute tells SQL Server to calculate the result of the function only whenever it writes to the underlying column or columns and to store the result of the function physically in the table row. After we add the column, we also create an index on top of it. Note that the computed column does not need to be marked as
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The WINS resource record instructs the DNS service to use WINS to look up and forward queries for host names not found in the zone database. For example, if client A queries its preferred DNS server for client B.sales.contoso.com, the following steps would occur (illustrated in Figure 6-4): 1. The preferred DNS server would first check to see if the IP address was in its cache. 2. The DNS server would query other DNS servers on behalf of the client until the authoritative DNS server for the zone, sales.contoso.com, was located. 3. The DNS server in Step 3 in Figure 6-4 would look in its zone file for a matching resource record. 4. If no resource record is found and the zone is enabled to use WINS lookup, the server separates the host portion of the FQDN (client B) and sends a NetBIOS name request to the WINS server using this host name. 5. If the WINS server can resolve the name, the IP address of client B is returned to the DNS server.
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1. PDA 2. Windows CE A. The operating system used on the Pocket PC 2002 handheld computer. B. A variation of the notebook computer on which a stylus is used to write on an LCD screen, and on which that handwriting is analyzed by the computer and stored as data. It has its own operating system and is a full-fledged computer. C. A handheld device that offers telephone and fax capabilities, Internet and e-mail access, and networking features. It can also have a Web browser and offer handwriting-recognition capabilities. D. A wireless handheld device that acts as an extension of the user s computer desktop, which allows the user to access the computer remotely when within a specified range.
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DAC: A Last Resort
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Developing a Response Strategy
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Suggested Practices
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Lesson 2
realm trust Used to connect between a non-Windows Kerberos realm and a Windows Server 2003 domain. Realm trusts can be transitive or non-transitive, one-way, or two-way. Recovery Console A command-line interface that provides limited access to the system for troubleshooting purposes. The Recovery Console can be launched by booting with the Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM and, when prompted, pressing R for Repair.
Figure 12-3 Defining an ownership chain
The error log describes errors (and their severity) that occur during Setup. Because the contents of this log are also included in the action log, you can think of the error log as a subset of the action log. The error log is named Setuperr.log. If errors occur, the log viewer displays the error log at the end of Setup. If no errors occurred during installation, this file is empty.
weakens password security significantly. Passwords stored using revers
The generated header file:
WSUS is an intranet application that runs on IIS 6.0 and is administered through a Web-based administration site: http://WSUS_Servername/WSUSAdmin. The WSUS server synchronizes content for subscribed product types and update classifications and allows an administrator to configure approval centrally for each update. Typically, an enterprise configures WSUS to download the actual update installation files as well. Updates can be targeted to specific computers by defining computer groups on the WSUS servers. The membership of those groups can be managed on the server or by using client-side registry entries or Group Policy settings. Automatic Updates, which runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003, is responsible for downloading and installing updates on the client. Group Policy can be used to configure Automatic Updates to retrieve patches from a WSUS server rather than from the Windows Update servers. GPOs can also drive the download, installation, and restart behavior of the client computers.
Lesson 1: Designing a Strategy to Manage Replication
following: get a list of products, get product details, update product, and delete product. You might already have these unit tests or you might be able to wrap existing unit tests to define these business transaction type tests. Once created, the tester can use these unit tests to define a load test. They might distribute this load by indicating that for every five times the product list is viewed, a product is updated. In addition, the load tests can be bound to data to help simulate varying user load.
1. You want your password policies to apply to existing SQL Server logins. What do you do 2. How can you enforce password expirations on SQL Server logins
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