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Configuring Remote Access Authentication . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-7
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Subnet Mask
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On the second evening, you could use either backup type. The normal backup cleared the archive attribute. Both incremental and differential backups will, on the second evening, trans fer all files created or changed on the second day. There will be no difference in the contents of the two jobs. Therefore, there will be no difference in recovery on the third day: you would have to restore the normal backup, and then the backup from the second evening. However, incremental and differential backups treat the archive attribute on backed up files dif ferently: incremental turns off the attribute; differential leaves it on. So on the next backup, there starts to be a difference. A second incremental backup will transfer only files created or changed since the first incremental backup. However, a second differential backup will include all files created or changed since the normal backup; that is, it will include all files already cop ied by the first differential backup.
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High Protection operating mode
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In this practice, you will configure a new network on the ISA Server computer. You will then configure a new network rule that defines a NAT relationship between the Internet and the perimeter network and another network rule that defines a route relationship between the Internal network and the perimeter network.
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Scenario 9.1
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adapter card A printed circuit board that is added to a computer to provide addi tional capabilities. Add Printer Wizard A wizard used to install printers.
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Category The category associated with the event. Most events, particularly in the System log, do not have categories. Some application developers specify a category for events that concern the application, so you will see some events in the Application log that have an associated category. In the Security log, the category indicates the type of event that was audited.
computer account An account created in Active Directory that uniquely identifies the computer in the domain.
Real World
Many organizations want to implement the maximum available security for servers acting as domain controllers because of the sensitive nature of information stored in the directory particularly user passwords. Although the role-based configuration of Windows Server 2008 reduces the security surface of a server by installing only the components and services required by its roles, it is possible to reduce its servers and security surface further by installing Server Core. A Server Core installation is a minimal installation of Windows that forgoes even the Windows Explorer GUI and the Microsoft .NET Framework. You can administer a Server Core installation remotely, using GUI tools; however, to configure and manage a server locally, you must use command-line tools. In this lesson, you will learn to create a domain controller from the command line within a Server Core installation. You will also learn how to remove domain controllers from a domain.
In this practice, you will assign a different input language and disable the ALT+SHIFT language toggle keyboard shortcut.
SSIS packages can contain sensitive information such as passwords or a connection string. Packages can also make significant changes to a database or be used to extract sensitive information. For these reasons, it is not only important to secure the operation of the package, but to ensure that only authorized persons have access to the sensitive data located inside packages.
Although you can start from scratch and define your own blank template, it is much easier to start with a predefined template. The two most common templates for Profiler traces are Tuning and TSQL_Replay.
Lesson 1: Performing Message Tracking
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