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In the single-domain model, all objects are located within the same security bound aries, so you won t have to worry about planning trust relationships with other domains or implementing cross-domain authentication and permissions. It is also much easier to support a strong, centralized IT staff when using a single domain. When using a single-domain model, user and group planning is simpler, as is the implementation of group policy. In fact, almost all management functions are simpler and simpler means less planning, less administration, less troubleshooting, and a lower total cost in the end.
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Set-ImapSettings -Identity ClientAccessServerName -MaxConnections Value
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orderId = db.InsertOrder(customerId, articleId, quantity)
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1 . you add a Sequence Container to a package that contains several tasks, one of
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Application Registration
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1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. 2. In Control Panel (in Category View), click Network And Internet Connections, and then click Network Connections. 3. In the Network Connections window, right-click your LAN connection, and then click Properties. 4. In the Local Area Connection Properties dialog box, on the Advanced tab, in the Windows Firewall section, click Settings. 5. In the Windows Firewall dialog box, ensure that On (Recommended) is selected. Also ensure that the Don t Allow Exceptions check box is cleared. Leave both the Windows Firewall dialog box and the Local Area Connection Prop erties dialog box open for the next exercise.
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Questions about RAID on the Windows Server 2003 certification exams always refer to the software-based RAID supported by the operating system. If you are accustomed to working with hardware RAID, forget everything you know about it when you are presented with RAID questions: Focus on the implementation of RAID on Windows Server 2003.
Floppy drive, mouse, keyboard
Fundamentals of Backup
Extensibility Points
in a database.
SUPPORT_xxxxxxxx The SUPPORT_xxxxxxxx account (where xxxxxxxx is a random number generated during Windows setup) is used by Microsoft when providing remote support through the Help And Support Service account. It is not available for logon or general use
using System.Data.SqlClient; namespace PerormingTransactionsCS {
On the MSN Messenger title bar, click the Close button. MSN Messenger appears as a small icon in the notification area. A note displays above the icon when you receive a message.
Before You Begin
Lesson 2: Synchronization
Planning for High Availability in the Enterprise
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