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Implement globalization and localization within a Windows Form.
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<UniversalLog> <errorReport issuedby="dbo" date="Jan 27 2006 11:59PM" /> <error number="1001" timestamp="2000-01-14T12:13:14Z" server="server1"> <message>The user does not have enough permissions to execute query</message> <module>DataAccessLayer</module> </error> <error number="18763" timestamp="2000-01-11T12:13:14Z" server="server2"> <message>Application can not start</message> <module>AppLoader</module> </error> </UniversalLog>
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Mailbox Database LCR configuration
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DNS Zones
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To configure the client to register the connection s IP address with the local computer s full computer name in DNS, select the Register This Connection s Addresses In DNS check box. This option is enabled by default. This option requires that the primary DNS suffix of the computer match a domain hosted by the preferred DNS server. To configure the client to register the connection s IP address with a connec tion-specific FQDN, select the Use This Connection s DNS Suffix In DNS Reg istration check box. This option is disabled by default. To completely disable DNS dynamic updates for all names on the computer, clear the Register This Connection s Addresses In DNS check box for all con nections in Network Connections. code 128 font
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The infrastructure master
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Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: The default gateway information is incorrect, but that is not the cause of the current problem. B. Incorrect: The subnet mask is not the cause of the current problem. C. Correct: The computer is most likely configured with a static IP address. Were it configured to obtain an IP address automatically (which it should be), the ICS computer would supply the client computer with an address in the range. D. Incorrect: It is not possible to tell from this result whether there are DNS servers configured. You need to type ipconfig /all to see this information.
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(.msi) files that can be used to distribute an application.
TechNet Webcast: A Technical Overview of High Availability Fea tures in SQL Server 2005 (Level 200) TechNet Webcast: An Introduction to How SQL Server 2005 Can Help You Deliver Highly Available Database Systems (Level 200) TechNet Webcast: How to Increase Availability Using Database Mir roring in SQL Server 2005 (Level 200) TechNet Webcast: Level Database Mirroring: Why, When, and How (Level 300) TechNet Webcast: SQL Server 2005 for the IT Professional (Part 8 of 11): Implementing Database Mirroring in SQL Server 2005 (Part 1 of 2) (Level 200)
Lesson Summary
Why This Matters
In this exercise, you create a setup project to add an assembly to the GAC automatically.
Managing and Maintaining a Server Environment (4.0)
Objective 3.2
Figure 5-4
Verifying the Server Configuration
WS-Security Elements that Simplify Authentication
c. Local GPOs take precedence over Active Directory Domain Services GPOs. D. GPOs linked to OUs take precedence over GPOs linked to domains.
Use Replication Monitor to monitor replication or DNS zone data Use System Monitor counters to monitor DNS performance
You are a systems administrator for a new service provider that plans to offer help desk services to 50 users. Although the users desktop systems have been purchased, you need to install the latest version of Windows XP on each of them. Rather than installing Windows XP and then immediately upgrading to Service Pack 2, you want the initial deployment of Windows XP to include Service Pack 2. Your Windows XP network distribution point is located at \\server\winxp\. Which command properly updates the distribution point to Service Pack 2 Choose the correct answer. A. Update /copydir:\\server\winxp B. Update /syspart: \\server\winxp C. Update /integrate:\\server\winxp D. Update /o:\\server\winxp
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