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Table 11-1 How to Complete Common Disk Management Tasks from the Command Prompt
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Built-In System Account or Domain User Account for the SQL Server and SQL Server Agent Services
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figURE 4-24 The Windows Update Standalone Installer message box
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"VB Public Class DemoPolicy
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Table 4-16 SortedList Properties
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The VIEW_METADATA option returns metadata about a view to client-side data access libraries. You use the command s AS clause to specify the SELECT statement that defines the view. The SELECT statement can be of any complexity as long as the query is valid and can reference tables, views, user-defined functions (UDFs), and system functions. The only restrictions are that the view s SELECT statement CANNOT do the following:
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The user is unable to access the Internet because the computer has no Default Gateway address. Because the computer is receiving its TCP/IP configuration settings through DHCP, the problem is in the DHCP server configuration. To correct the problem, Lupe must either configure the computer s TCP/IP configuration manually or troubleshoot the DHCP server.
Most of the company s computing services are hosted in its Paris corporate headquar ters. The corporate IT department wants to have central control of passwords and secu rity settings. The local IT department in Los Angeles wants to maintain control of its infrastructure without interference from the corporate IT department. The local IT department in Glasgow demands exclusive control over their own environment due to security concerns about their research and development (R&D) data. Corporate man agement shares security concerns about the R&D data and wants to ensure that it is not compromised. The following diagram shows the connectivity between the different locations of the company. In addition, Los Angeles and Atlanta have virtual private network (VPN) con nections through the Internet to headquarters in Paris.
Delegation of control in Active Directory enables an organization to assign specific administrative tasks to appropriate teams and individuals. Delegation is the result of permissions, or ACEs, on the DACL of Active Directory objects. The DACL can be viewed and modified using the Advanced Security Settings of the object s Properties dialog box. The Delegation of Control Wizard simplifies the underlying complexity of object ACLs by enabling you to assign tasks to groups.
Public Function IsInRole(ByVal role As String) As Boolean
' VB ' Create the HTML message body ' Reference embedded images using the content ID Dim htmlBody As String = "<html><body><h1>Picture</h1><br>" + _ "<img src=""cid:Pic1""></body></html>"
3. Create a table for testing purposes, as follows:
Troubleshooting Office Applications
A mirror of stripes is constructed, as shown in Figure 7-5, by first creating a RAID 0 set and then mirroring it.
3. A network administrator in Delaware wants to know the best way to implement a new segment on the network with a different physical topology. She doesn t want to buy a hardware router.
Administering Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Understanding Deadlocking
A primary reason for using alerts is for intrusion detection. Intrusion detection identifies when an attack is attempted against your network and then triggers an alert. You can configure the alert actions that ISA Server will perform in the event of a detected intrusion attempt.
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