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Netsh BranchCache show status Verify that the service mode is set to disabled and the current status of the service is stopped. 5. Issue the following command: Netsh BranchCache set service mode=distributed 6. Verify that the status message indicates that two firewall rules have been enabled and the service startup type has been set to Manual. 7. Issue the following command: Netsh BranchCache show status 8. Verify that the service mode is set to Distributed Caching and the current status of the service is running. 9. Issue the following command: Netsh BranchCache set cachesize size=25 percent=True 10. Issue the following command: Netsh BranchCache show localcache 11. Verify that the maximum cache size is set to 25% of hard disk. 12. Issue the following command: Netsh BranchCache reset 4.
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1. What mechanism did you choose to implement authentication Why
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After this lesson, you will be able to:
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Encrypt and decrypt data by using symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic functions. Compute hashes by using cryptographic functions. Write code to create cryptographically random numbers for cryptographic functions.
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The DataContractSerializer Support for XSD
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Key Length 156 bits, of which only 112 bits are effectively used for encryption
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6: Lesson Review Answers
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Properties pane
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main (int argc, char* argv[]) { sub(argv[1]); } void sub(const char* input) { char buf[10]; strcpy(buf, input); } Overflow buf, overwrite input and return address Populate buf
You can raise the forest functional level after all domains in the forest have been raised to the equivalent domain functional level.
Estimated lesson time: 15 minutes
A. Rooslan must remove the mirror between the first and third disks before installing
Use Platform Invoke (P/Invoke) to access unmanaged code. Encapsulate DLL functions. Convert data types between managed and unmanaged code.
Configuring Operators
Whereas ClickOnce provides simple and easy deployment for a variety of applica tions, you might need a more configurable environment for complex programs. Setup projects allow you to create highly configurable deployment plans. In this lesson, you will learn how to create a setup project.
RemotingConfiguration.Configure( _ "StandardClient.exe.config", false); demo_person = (IPerson)Activator.GetObject( _ typeof(IPerson), @"tcp://localhost:9000/Person.rem"); }
However, some DHCP data is not saved in any type of backup. For example, creden tials specified for DNS dynamic update are not backed up with a manual or automatic backup. (You can configure these credentials through the Advanced tab of DHCP server properties.)
Protecting Data by Using Cryptography
might want to separate these functions further by moving mailboxes from the current Active Directory forest into a resource forest. In this scenario, mailboxes reside in one forest and their associated user accounts in a separate forest.
sequence container for Loop container Provides the same functionality as the Sequence Container except that it also lets you run the tasks within it multiple times based on an evaluation condition, such as looping from 1 to 10. foreach Loop container Also allows looping, but instead of providing a condition expression, you loop over a set of objects, such as files in a folder.
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