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Viewing and Clearing the DNS Resolver Cache. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-54
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Figure 7-13 Configure advanced power options on the Advanced tab.
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Mailbox Cleanup
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7. To get the statistics for all mailboxes in the First Storage Group in table format, you need to pipe a command based on the Get-MailboxDatabase cmdlet into the command to get mailbox statistics. Enter the following command:
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1. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect. That the control displays only a single column of data is incor rect because controls such as a ComboBox might display only a single col umn of data but can really be bound to several columns through additional data-binding properties. B. Incorrect. Although a TextBox displaying a string might be a simple-bound control, it is not the definition of simple data binding. C. Incorrect. That the control can display only native data types is incorrect. D. Correct. That the control has a single property bound to a single column of data correctly describes simple binding.
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Lesson 2 Review
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1. Set the Minimum property to the minimum numeric value for the control. 2. Set the Maximum property to the maximum numeric value for the control. 3. Set the Increment property to the amount you want to increment and decrement with each arrow button click. 4. If desired, set the Value property to a default value.
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on the Thursday backup tape.
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facilitate this functionality. ToolStrip controls are designed for a variety of tool-based roles and have default values for properties that indicate a more generalized role.
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from a specified source address. You can use parsers to read, analyze, and describe the contents of frames. Network Monitor includes more than 20 parsers that are responsible for parsing over 90 protocols. If this is not sufficient, you can write your own parsers. However, a detailed description of data analysis is beyond the scope of this chapter.
computer accounts in the domain it will not change the domain membership of those servers remotely.
Identify component-level deployment dependencies. Identify scripting requirements for deployment. Considerations include database scripting. Evaluate available deployment methods. Verify networking settings. Verify the deployment environment.
Value Range -10E38 + 1 to 10E38 1
19. Click OK. 20. Close the Group Policy Object Editor and the Properties dialog box for DefaultFirst-Site-Name. 21. To confirm the configuration, you can restart the server, which is also within the scope of the new policy. Open System from Control Panel and click the Automatic Updates tab. You will see that configuration options are disabled, as they are now being determined by policy.
3. Correct Answers: C and D A. Incorrect: Although a custom handler can be developed to provide the required functionality, it is not the simplest way to address the problem. B. Incorrect: The logging handler takes the information associated with the exception and puts it into a logging data store. This doesn t change the message that is included in the exception. C. Correct: The replace handler converts one type of exception into an exception of a different type. Because it does so, the exception that is not currently being handled can be changed into one that is handled. D. Correct: Because the wrapping handler creates a new exception, it too can be used to convert the currently unhandled exception into one that will be recoverable.
Never remove a serialized field. Never apply the NonSerializedAttribute attribute to a field if the attribute was not applied to the field in a previous version. Never change the name or type of a serialized field.
Lesson 4
In these practices, you will perform several exercises that will familiarize you with Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player. Practices 1 and 2 require that you use either the Home Premium or Ultimate editions of Windows Vista. You can complete Practice 3 using any edition of Windows Vista, as long as the computer has an optical media drive.
User Accounts
The job of desktop support technician (DST) involves much more than answering the phone and resolving a problem. It also involves understanding, communicating with, and pleasing the end user. You must be able to listen to a customer, gather information from that customer, diagnose and resolve or escalate the problem, and properly docu ment the resolution of the problem in the manner dictated by company policy. The end user must also be satisfied with the solution and believe he or she was treated fairly and with respect.
Installation of kernel mode drivers Installation of 16-bit components Installation of Graphical Identification and Authentication (GINA) DLLs Changes of files or registry keys that are under Windows Resource Protection (WRP)
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