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Understand the criteria for selecting a deployment method.
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Setting Up and Managing User Accounts
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2. A user wants to configure NTFS permissions on a folder that contains personal information. Following your instructions, the user opens the Properties dialog box for the folder in Windows XP but does not see a Security tab. What might this sit uation indicate
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Prevent changes to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ Taskbar and Start CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\NoSetTaskbar Menu Settings Remove access to the context menus HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\NoTrayContextMenu
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Applying Service Packs, Software Updates, and Security Updates
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In the following practice exercises, you will write queries that retrieve employees pay rate information using aggregate functions and then pivot the data using the PIVOT operator.
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Lesson 2: Creating and Configuring Command and Text Display Controls
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You will want to start by defining a unit test that represents a common, successful path through your code. This test should represent the most likely scenario for executing your code. Parameter value mix You should create one or more unit tests that provide a varied mixture of parameters for a given method. This will ensure that more than just the success baseline works effectively. You might consider creating this test as a data-driven unit test. The data would have the varied mix of parameter values.
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You are the DST for a help desk, and a user calls saying that her DVD audio is not working on her computer running Windows XP. What are some of the troubleshooting steps you can take A. Verify that the sound card is properly configured.
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In Device Manager, right-click the USB Hub and choose Scan for Hardware Changes. This action will force a detection of the Hard Disk connected to the Hub as if it were a newly connected device.
String FirstName();
In this practice, you will change authentication mode to Mixed Mode. 1. In SSMS, right-click your server and choose Properties. 2. Select the Security page. Below Server Authentication, select SQL Server And Windows Authentication mode. Click OK. A warning message appears informing you that this change will take effect only after you restart SQL Server. 3. Right-click your server and choose Restart so the change will take effect.
Compatibility View allows pages that do not render correctly in Internet Explorer 8, but which render correctly in Internet Explorer 7, to be displayed properly in Internet Explorer 8. You can configure Compatibility View manually, use a list of Web sites provided by Microsoft and updated through Windows Update, or manually configure a list of sites that Internet Explorer should use Compatibility View with. Security settings are configured primarily by assigning sites to zones. Sites that require elevated privileges should be assigned to the Trusted Sites zone. Sites that are on the intranet are automatically assigned to the Local Intranet zone, though this may require manual configuration in some circumstances. All other sites are assigned to the Internet zone. The Restricted Sites zone is used only for Web sites that may present security risks but must be visited. Add-ons enhance the functionality of Internet Explorer. Users with standard permissions can add, remove, and disable add-ons unless configured Group Policy dictates otherwise. Accelerators allow users to select text on a Web page and then automatically perform another function, such as translating the text or forwarding it to their blog. Providers allow additional search providers to be added to the search window. InPrivate Browsing stops Internet Explorer from storing information about a browsing session. InPrivate Filtering stops third-party Web sites from gaining data when browsing across multiple sites. Internet Explorer provides warnings if a Web site's address does not match the SSL certificate that it presents to the client, if the certificate has expired, if the certificate has been revoked, or if the certificate has become corrupt.
Lesson 4: Resolving Name-Resolution Issues
Figure 12-12: WSUS server console In many WSUS deployments, an administrator takes control of updates centrally. This means that the decision as to which updates to install and when to install them occurs centrally rather than on each client computer. Administrators can enforce these decisions through update policies. You will learn about configuring update policies later in this lesson. WSUS allows administrators to organize client computers into groups. Groups allow for the staggered deployment of updates. This means that you can deploy updates on some computers but not on others. You create groups on the WSUS server. After the groups are created on the WSUS server, you can configure a client to join a group by configuring the Enable Client Side Targeting policy, which you will learn about later in this lesson, or by manually assigning computers to groups using the WSUS console, as shown in Figure 12-13.
Case Scenario 2: Querying a Full-Text Index
Estimated lesson time: 20 minutes
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