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Generator QRCode in C# Objective 5.3

Technical Requirements
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Objective 5.3
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Practice 2
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Create a DataTable. Add a DataTable to a DataSet. Define the schema of a DataTable. Add columns to a table. Create expression columns. Create AutoIncrementing columns. Define a primary key for a table. Add constraints to a table.
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Before You Begin
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The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. If you are unable to answer a question, review the lesson materials and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. You have configured a scope with an address range of through However, your DNS server on the same subnet has already been assigned a static address of With the least administrative effort, how can you allow for compatibility between the DNS server s address and DHCP ser vice on the subnet
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Table 11-2
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Before You Begin
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a. Incorrect: You do not specify a MAK key during the auditUser pass of Sysprep. You use
Permission Set FullTrust SkipVerification Execution Nothing LocalIntranet
Using the Copy Database Wizard
The Trace Capture, Processing, and Command-Line Analysis Tool Xperf.exe is a command-line tool that provides the following features:
can roll back database changes such as the dropping of a table. The other sort of trigger DML triggers, which include INSTEAD OF and AFTER triggers are covered more completely in 8, Design Data Integrity.
In the Finally block all of the clean-up of unmanaged resources takes place. In particular, the clean-up code should address any resource that needs to be released before garbage collection
1. Open the Backup Utility. 2. Choose the Options command from the Tools menu. 3. Click the Restore tab. 4. Configure restore to leave newer files untouched by selecting Replace The File On Disk Only If The File On Disk Is Older, then close the Options dialog box. 5. Select the backup media that contains your normal and differential backup. 6. Restore the normal backup to its original location. 7. Restore the differential backup to its original location. 8. Open the Current and Budget files. Because these files were newer than those on the backup set, and because of the restore options you configured, they should include the changes you made in the Case Scenario exercise.
1. Which of the following are characteristics of a composite control (Choose all that apply.) A. Composite controls are made up of preexisting Windows Forms controls. B. Composite controls can have custom functionality in the form of new methods, properties, or events. C. Composite controls must provide their own rendering code. D. Composite controls automatically expose the properties of their constitu ent controls as their own properties.
When the secondary server initiates a transfer from its master server.
Class Program Shared Sub Main() RemotingConfiguration.Configure( _ "LabConsumer.exe.config", False) Dim newPatient As Patient = New Patient() Console.WriteLine(newPatient.PersonalInformation()) Console.WriteLine(newPatient.History()) " Renew the lease. Dim lease As ILease = CType( _ RemotingServices.GetLifetimeService(newPatient), ILease) Dim expireTime As TimeSpan = _ lease.Renew(TimeSpan.FromMinutes(5)) Console.WriteLine(expireTime.ToString())
Page 11-32
Troubleshooting the Operating System
A. This script will put the Oksana user account into the Engineers OU. B. This script will provide a list of all groups of which the user account Oksana is a direct and indirect member. C. This script will provide a nonnested list of all groups of which the user account Oksana is a member. D. This script will provide a nonnested list of all groups of which user accounts in the Engineers OU are a member.
In the Save Scheme dialog box, type Transit, and then click OK.
Each remote computer that connects to a remote access server is automatically pro vided with an Internet Protocol (IP) address during the PPP connection establishment process. The remote access server obtains the IP addresses allocated to remote access clients either from an existing DHCP server or from a static range of IP addresses. You control how IP addresses are allocated in one of two places: the IP Address Assignment page of the Routing And Remote Access Server Setup Wizard, as shown in Figure 10-2, or the IP Address Assignment area of the server s IP properties in Routing And Remote Access, as shown in Figure 10-3.
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