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Private Sub divideButton_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles divideButton.Click Concatenate the computer and username Dim allowUser As String = System.Environment.MachineName + \cphilp" Try Demand that user has the username cphilp on the local computer. Because this method is called by a Windows event, protect it with a imperative RBS demand Dim administratorPermission As PrincipalPermission = New PrincipalPermission(allowUser, Nothing) administratorPermission.Demand() Perform super-secret mathematical calculations Dim answer As Decimal = (Decimal.Parse(integer1.Text) / Decimal.Parse(integer2.Text)) answerLabel.Text = Decimal.Round(answer, 2).ToString() Catch ex As System.Security.SecurityException
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Dim isoFile As IsolatedStorageFileStream = New
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' The amount added to the previous row's value is determined by the
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Server Authentication verifies the identity of the computer that you are connecting to. This is done to protect you from connecting to a computer that might be impersonating the remote host as a way of stealing your authentication credentials. Only computers running Windows Vista or the next edition of the Windows Server operating system after Windows Server 2003 are able to verify their identities properly. The Authentication options are Connect Always, Warn If Authentication Fails, and Do Not Connect If Authentication Fails. Connect From Anywhere configures Terminal Services Gateway settings. A Terminal Services gateway computer allows authorized users on the Internet to connect to remote computers on a protected network. It can be used as an alternative to connecting to a protected network through a VPN connection. The Terminal Services Gateway dialog box is available from the Advanced tab and is shown in Figure 8-27.
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Figure 4-15
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Sub Method2() ' implementation End Sub End Class // C# public class ClassA { public void Method1() { // implementation } } public class ClassB : ClassA { public void Method2() { // implementation } }
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Note On Computer2, Internet Explorer might time out before the demand-dial interface on Computer1 finishes connecting to your ISP. If you receive a message in Internet Explorer indi cating that the page cannot be displayed, click the Refresh button to try again.
1. Which statement best describes when the BeforeSerialize stage for an incoming request message occurs A. Occurs right after the Web method is invoked but before the request is seri alized into XML B. Occurs before response is deserialized into an object C. Occurs after serialization in which the data is serialized into XML but before the XML is sent across the network D. Occurs right after the deserialization process but before the client receives the results 2. Which overridden method of the SoapExtension class is used to intercept the incoming stream and determine which stage is occurring A. ChainStream
In this practice, you will implement a security configuration similar to that proposed in Case Scenario 2, Security Configuration. Review Case Scenario 2 before proceeding. You will need the following objects in Active Directory to perform these practices:
Using a Policy File
Now that the service has been configured to use certificates, you must modify the client to communicate using the same address as well as using the same transport security.
After this lesson, you will be able to
aForm.TextBox1.Text = doc.OuterXml
You can use Virtual Server and Microsoft Virtual PC to simulate hardware configurations. Unlike Vir tual PC, Virtual Server supports Windows clustering, and you can use it to build a SQL Server failover cluster.
The memory usage of a SQL Server instance typically grows to meet demand and optimization needs, and it can often rise quickly to several hundred megabytes. This type of increase affects the operation of the entire server. The quick fix for this situation is to open Windows Task Manager and determine which instance (or multiple instances) of SQL Server is using excessive RAM. You need to find out who is using the instance so that you do not end that user s session unannounced. As soon as it is safe to do so, locate the SQL Server instance in the Administrative Tools Services console on the SQL Server 2005 server, and then stop and restart it. However, a quick fix is seldom a permanent solution. You need to find out why a particular instance is using excessive memory. If you know which SQL Server instance is using excessive memory and under what conditions, you can use Profiler to generate a trace, which could highlight problems with a specific database, a badly written query, or a rogue application.
Why is the assembly now missing permissions, and what code group determined the permissions The assembly is now being run from a shared folder, so it is running from the Internet zone. Because the IP address being used is the special loopback address, it is part of the Internet_Same_Site_Access code group.
Objective 4.2: Manage Remote Access 16-25
Identifying and changing the site license server
Exercise 1: Backing Up the Database
SoapEnvelope demoEnvelope = new SoapEnvelope(); demoEnvelope.Context.Addressing.Action = new Action("soap.tcp://" + System.Net.Dns.GetHostName() & "/DemoReceiver"); demoEnvelope.SetBodyObject("This is a test"); sender.Send(demoEnvelope);
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