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4. What public method from the XmlSerializer class is used to serialize an object into an XML document A. ToSerial B. Deserialize C. Serialize D. XmlSerialize
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creating report schedules and subscriptions
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Configure the user environment
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Member of: DOMAIN1\VPN-Routers
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13 Review
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XQUERY expression must filter the data by its content for example, by querying the value of an existing attribute that appears in the XML structure. Time the execution as you process a fairly large amount of XML data.
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Lesson 3: Validating Models, Using DMX Queries, and Using Prediction Queries in Reports
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End Sub //C# static void Main(string[] args) {
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Lesson 3: HTTP Endpoints
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Working with the ILocation Inferface
Tests how the system behaves when the selected location has no hotel availability. Test case/steps To execute this test case, complete the following steps: 1. Follow the meeting scheduling process as indicated in the test case. However, select a bad hotel from the location data (see data below). 2. Verify that the hotel scheduling fails and that the user is properly warned. 3. Verify that the system returns the user to the Site Reservation page. 4. Select a good location from the list and continue the process. 5. Verify that that the transaction completes and the confirmation page is accurate. Data input See the Bad-Locations tab in ScheduleCustomerMeetingTestData.xls for a list of hotel bookings that will fail. Expected result Each use of a bad-location should fail. Subsequent schedules with a good hotel should succeed without a problem.
You can often aggregate data stored in tables within a database to produce important types of business information. For instance, you might not be interested in a list of employees in the database but instead want to know the average salary for all the employees. You perform this type of calculation by using aggregate functions. Aggregate functions operate on groups of rows rather than individual rows; the aggregate function processes a group of rows to produce a single output value. Transact-SQL has several built-in aggregate functions, and you can also define aggregate functions by using Microsoft .NET languages. Table 5-1 lists commonly used built-in aggregate functions and what they do.
Lesson 3 Review
// C# DialogResult aResult;
Exam Objectives in this :
D is correct. You can block the application by creating an access rule to block the port used by the application. A is incorrect because you cannot specifically create packet filters in ISA Server 2004. B is incorrect because, if the application is already installed, the request is coming from an internal user and stateful filtering will allow the connection. C may be possible if you have an application filter that blocks the protocol used by the application, but just blocking the port is easier in this scenario.
Although the users you support do not need to access the Microsoft Update website directly, as an administrator, you need to be more proactive. At the very least, you should check for updates that Microsoft releases on the second Tuesday of each month. Microsoft introduced this release schedule in order to reduce the costs related to the deployment of updates. Security updates are dispatched all at once on an anticipated date for which system administrators can prepare. Microsoft chose a Tuesday because it is not too close to the beginning of the week and yet far enough from the end of the week to allow any problems that might arise to be resolved before the weekend. You can mark the second Tuesday of the month in advance as the day during which most updates are published and plan accordingly. Many software vendors follow Microsoft s lead and issue vulnerability updates on the same day. Not every update is published on the second Tuesday of each month for example, Windows Defender definitions are updated more often, and Microsoft issues updates its classes as highly critical whenever these are required. However, this regular release schedule gives you, as an administrator, the opportunity to find out what updates Microsoft is publishing and what impact these will have on your users. For more information, access http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/update/bulletins /default.mspx. You can register to receive security bulletins and advisory notices by following the links at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletinsandadvisories /default.mspx. Changing Windows Update settings requires elevated privileges. If you are supporting colleagues in a small office environment and they do not have administrator accounts, you need to make any changes required. If you are advising home users who have administrator accounts for example, through a help desk you might need to explain the Windows Update
Practice 3: Configure a Snapshot Publication
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