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Lesson 4: Performing Bulk Copy Operations
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Lesson Summary
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Figure 18-9
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Framework Fundamentals
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static void Main(string[] args)
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"VB Imports System.Xml.Serialization
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Regular expressions enable you to determine whether text matches almost any type of format. Regular expressions support dozens of special characters and operators. The most commonly used are ^ to match the beginning of a string, $ to match the end of a string, to make a character optional, . to match any character, and * to match a repeated character. To match data using a regular expression, create a pattern using groups to specify the data you need to extract, call Regex.Match to create a Match object, and then examine each of the items in the Match.Groups array. To reformat text data using a regular expression, call the static Regex.Replace method.
If you decide to store your package configurations in a SQL Server table, select SQL Server from the Configuration Type drop-down list in the Package Configuration Wizard. Using Microsoft SQL Server as the storage mechanism for your configurations requires a different group of settings from what the other configuration types, such as the XML Configuration File, use. Figure 3-5 shows the SQL Server configuration options available for setting up configurations.
Configure a Secure File System
Touch Me Now: Advanced Multitouch Programming
' VB Private _svcAgent As MapPointServiceAgent = New MapPointServiceAgent() // C# private MapPointServiceAgent _svcAgent = new MapPointServiceAgent();
The delegation of administrative control, also called the delegation of control or just delegation, simply means assigning permissions that manage access to objects and properties in Active Directory. Just as you can give a group the ability to change files in a folder, you can give a group the ability to reset passwords on user objects.
Testing for Incompatibilities
Exam Tip When you come across a device that is not working as expected, start troubleshooting from the highest interface level (the application) and work your way to the lowest level (the device itself). Check application configuration, then Windows configuration, then the device driver or other software, then the port, then the cable, and then the device.
Advanced Query Topics
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