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Where Local User Profiles Are Stored
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' VB <Assembly: PrintingPermission(SecurityAction.RequestMinimum)> <Assembly: UIPermission(SecurityAction.RequestOptional, _ Unrestricted:=True)> <Assembly: FileIOPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.RequestOptional, _ Read:="C:\")> <Assembly: FileIOPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.RequestRefuse, _ Read:="C:\Windows\")> // C# [assembly: PrintingPermission(SecurityAction.RequestMinimum)] [assembly: UIPermission(SecurityAction.RequestMinimum, Unrestricted = true)] [assembly: FileIOPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.RequestOptional, Read = @"C:\")] [assembly: FileIOPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.RequestRefuse, Read = @"C:\Windows\")]
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The primary instance in which you should consider utilizing soft-NUMA is when you suspect that there is an I/O-related performance problem when running applications but you also believe that your I/O subsystem is properly configured. This is a common problem among high-volume systems that are configured to utilize Storage Area Networks (SANs). Each NUMA node has its own I/O thread that is responsible for reading and writing data on the disk and another thread, known as a lazy writer, that is responsible for managing the state of the SQL Server buffer cache. For systems in which NUMA is not automatically detected by SQLOS, configuring soft-NUMA can significantly affect I/O performance. Another reason to consider soft-NUMA is for multiple-instance support. Each instance of SQL Server on a single machine shares NUMA nodes by default, so when dealing with multiple instances and more than 8 GB on a machine, using soft-NUMA can lead to performance gains. Configuring soft-NUMA support in SQL Server 2005 is a two-step process. The first step is setting the processor affinity mask. A processor affinity mask is a structure that is used to bind a specific processor to a specific memory node. The second step is adding a registry value to map NUMA nodes onto specific processors. Configuring soft-NUMA support also requires an understanding of binary and hexadecimal math. For example, if you have a system with eight processors and two instances of SQL Server 2005 running, and you want to assign four processors to each instance, you would set the processor affinity of the first instance to 15 decimal (00001111 binary), and the processor affinity of the second instance to 240 decimal (11110000 binary). Processor affinity on the first instance can be set with the sp_configure stored procedure as follows:
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private void Window_ManipulationDelta(object sender, ManipulationDeltaEventArgs e) { Manipulation m = e.DeltaManipulation; Rectangle r = e.OriginalSource as Rectangle; Matrix matrix = ((MatrixTransform)r.RenderTransform).Matrix; matrix.Translate(m.Translation.X, m.Translation.Y); Point rectCenter = new Point(r.ActualWidth / 2, r.ActualHeight / 2); Point actualCenter = matrix.Transform(rectCenter); matrix.ScaleAt(m.Scale, m.Scale, actualCenter.X, actualCenter.Y); matrix.RotateAt(m.Rotation, actualCenter.X, actualCenter.Y); r.RenderTransform = new MatrixTransform(matrix); }
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Using Disk Cleanup
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12. Click Cancel to close the Edit Services dialog box. 13. In the Remote Router Properties dialog box, select the ICMP tab and read the description at the top. This tab allows you to restrict various types of ICMP messages. These messages are used for various network functions, such as the PING command or ICMP router discovery. 14. Answer the following questions: By default, does your router block outsiders from pinging your external interface By default, does your router block insiders from pinging your external interface
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This is just one possible answer. Paris will host one domain controller for every other domain to enable easy logon for users from other locations when they are in Paris. It will also host three domain controllers for the corp.nwtraders.local domain, two for local authentication, and a third one for managing replica tion to remote offices. For redundancy purposes, it will also host two domain controllers for the forest root domain (nwtraders.local).
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None UserName
Correct Answer: D
You install a new device into a Windows XP computer and restart the computer because the device installation procedure prompted you to do so. When the computer restarts, you can log on, but the computer stops responding shortly thereafter. You sus pect that the newly installed device is causing the problem, and you want to remove it. How do you accomplish this
Figure 3-2 problems
1. Which of the following tools allows you to administer a share on a remote server Select all that apply. a. The Shared Folders snap-in. b. Windows Explorer running on the local machine, connected to the remote server s share or hidden drive share. c. Windows Explorer running on the remote machine in a Terminal Services or Remote Desktop session. d. The File Server Management console.
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