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Advanced Backup and Restore
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1. Which of the following properties of the TextBox control should be set to the value indicated to ensure that the TextBox can accommodate a string 10,000 characters in length A. MultiLine = True B. WordWrap = True C. ScrollBars = True D. MaxLength = 10000 2. Which of the following Mask property settings will configure a MaskedTextBox for the entry of a social security number, which is displayed as three digits, fol lowed by a hyphen, then two digits, followed by another hyphen and then finally four digits A. 999-99-9999 B. 999/00/0000 C. 000-00-0000 D. 000/00/0000 3. You have a MaskedTextBox with the Mask property set to 000-0000 to indicate a 7-digit phone number. You want users to be able to cut and paste the entire string, including the - character, but when the program accesses the MaskedTextBox you want to exclude the - character. Which of the following will con figure the MaskedTextBox to provide this functionality A. Set the CutCopyMaskFormat property to ExcludePromptAndLiterals and TextMaskFormat to IncludeLiterals. B. Set the CutCopyMaskFormat property to IncludeLiterals and TextMaskFormat to ExcludePromptAndLiterals. C. Set the CutCopyMaskFormat property to ExcludePromptAndLiterals and TextMaskFormat to IncludePrompt. D. Set the CutCopyMaskFormat property to IncludeLiterals and TextMaskFormat to IncludeLiterals.
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1. What is the purpose of a full-text catalog 2. Where is a full-text catalog stored
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' VB Dim WMP As New WMPLib.WindowsMediaPlayer WMP.URL = "C:\My Music\Funky Cold Medina.wma" // C# WMPLib.WindowsMediaPlayer WMP = new WMPLib.WindowsMediaPlayer(); WMP.URL = @"C:\My Music\Funky Cold Medina.wma";;
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Note You might notice that some, if not most, of the features discussed in this section are not new to Windows 7. This might be surprising considering the title of the book and the fact that lots of interesting material was cut to leave room for this humble chapter. However, this reflects the authors deep conviction that understanding of instrumentation, monitoring, diagnostics, and troubleshooting tools and techniques is vital for any Windows developer, and especially so on Windows 7.
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Linked Objects Enables dimensions and measures to be linked between instances of Analysis Services User-Defined Functions Allows user-defined functions to be loaded from
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9 Maintaining the Operating System
1. Correct Answers: B and D A. Incorrect: Distribution is configured when you are implementing replica tion. B. Correct: A backup of the primary database is restored to the mirror. C. Incorrect: If the database is recovered, it cannot participate in the Database Mirroring session. D. Correct: The database must be unrecovered to participate in Database Mirroring. 2. Correct Answer: A
Configuring Communications Applications Included with Windows Vista
Lesson 3
D. Correct: An RFID tag reader and a PIN number keypad provide two independent ways of verifying identity. This is the correct choice because two-factor authentication should be used to secure the door to a server room. 2. Correct Answer: A A. Correct: Because you are unsure which device is faulty, you need to check both of them against the video footage. B. Incorrect: Checking the audit log from the fingerprint reader against the video footage will tell you whether the fingerprint reader is faulty, but it won t tell you whether the magnetic card reader is faulty. C. Incorrect: Checking the audit log from the magnetic swipe card reader against the video footage will tell you whether the magnetic swipe card reader is faulty, but it won t tell you whether the fingerprint reader is faulty. D. Incorrect: If you check the audit log from the magnetic swipe card reader against the audit log from the fingerprint reader and they each show a different identity, you won t know which audit log is correct unless you check them against the video footage. 3. Correct Answers: A and B A. Correct: Tapes should be rotated to an offsite facility so that if the building burns down or a natural disaster knocks the building out of service, the organization s data can be restored. The facility should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you can access the tapes and restore from them as needed. B. Correct: Tapes should be stored in a fireproof safe. Tapes need to be secured because if they are not, anyone with access to them will be able to access the data they contain. C. Incorrect: A filing cabinet is not part of a secure backup tape strategy. A filing cabinet is not fireproof and usually isn t able to be well secured. D. Incorrect: Although a bank safe deposit box would qualify as offsite storage, access would be limited to the hours the bank was open. If, for example, you wanted to perform a restore on the weekend, you d be out of luck. 4. Correct Answers: A and D A. Correct: Where possible, SQL Server 2005 should be installed on a standalone or member server rather than on a domain controller.
Description No impersonation level is provided. No impersonation is allowed. In fact, the service will not be able to obtain any identification information about the client. The service is able to obtain identification information about the client, including username and privileges, but the service is not able to make any resource requests on behalf of the client. The service will be restricted to those resources it is allowed access to. The service is able to make requests for resources, using the client s credentials on the local system. This means that the service might be able to access resources it would not be able to access on its own. However, this capability is restricted to local resources. The service is able to make requests for resources both locally and on remote systems.
Perform and troubleshoot an attended installation of a Microsoft Windows XP operating system
In this exercise, you back up AdventureWorks with a checksum. 1. In Microsoft Windows, create a directory named Backup in the root of the C: drive. 2. Open SSMS, and connect to the database engine. 3. Click New Query. 4. In the query pane, enter the following code:
application domain A logical container that allows multiple assemblies to run within a single process while preventing them from directly accessing another assembly s memory assembly evidence Evidence that an assembly presents that describes the assembly s identity, such as the hash, the publisher, or the strong name code access security (CAS) A security system that allows administrators and developers to authorize applications, similar to the way they have always been able to authorize users code group Authorization device that associates assemblies with permission sets evidence The way an assembly is identified, such as the location where the assembly is stored, a hash of the assembly s code, or the assembly s signature fully trusted An assembly that is exempt from CAS permission checks host evidence Evidence that an assembly s host presents describing the assembly s origin, such as the application directory, URL, or site partially trusted code An assembly that must undergo CAS permission checks each time it accesses a protected resource permission A CAS access control entry permission set A CAS access control list consisting of multiple permissions security policy A logical grouping of code groups, permission sets, and custom policy assemblies
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Note The order of the AddReg and DelReg directives doesn't matter. The Setup API processes all DelReg directives first, followed by the AddReg sections.
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