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1. If your only concern is to improve performance, which RAID should you choose 2. When might you want to dedicate an entire drive set to tempdb
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Deploying Services
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tions. In contrast with RAID 10, RAID 5 offers low cost, acceptable fault tolerance, slow recovery time, excellent read performance, and relatively poor write perfor mance. For database implementations such as DSS systems that do not require a high number of writes, RAID 5 is a good option but only if budgetary or hardware con straints rule out RAID 10. Table 1-5 is a comparison of RAID configuration types.
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A. Debug.Assert(Problem.Message); B. Debug.Assert(false, Problem.ToString(); C. Console.WriteLine(Problem.ToString()); D. Console.WriteLine(Problem.StackTrace.ToString()); 3. Which method is appropriate to specify a password when starting a process A. Use a String variable that contains the password. B. Use an Array of type Char C. Use an Array of type String coupled with an Integer reference to the password s index in the array. D. Use a SecureString object.
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The Common.ini file and the Management.ini file are created for all users logged on to the computer and can also be created manually for each specific user on the computer. By default, the Application.ini file is not created, so you must create it manually. The generate barcode 128
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12: Lesson Review Answers
OWA is frequently deployed using front-end and back-end servers. To do this, the front-end server must be running Exchange 2000 Server, Enterprise Edition, or Exchange Server 2003, Enterprise Edition. In this configuration, clients connect to the front-end server. This server authenticates the user, and then queries Active Directory directory service to determine which back-end computer running Exchange Server hosts the user mailbox. The front-end server then forwards the request to the back-end server. The back-end server replies to the front-end server, which replies to the client. The use of OWA raises several issues with e-mail security, including the following:
Backing Up Data
Note Because you do not have an SMTP server configured on the external network of the ISA Server computer, you will use Microsoft Outlook Express to test SMTP message flow. Outlook Express uses SMTP to send messages, but uses POP3 or IMAP4 to receive messages. To enable POP3 access, you must configure a server rule that publishes the internal Exchange Server computer as a POP3 server.
a. Modify the security zone settings for the Internet zone. B. Connect to the site using an https:// prefix. c. Check to see if the computer is using a address for the DNS server. D. Use an IP address in the URL rather than a server name.
Network Monitor tracks the network data stream, which consists of all the information transferred over a network at any given time. This information is held in segments (known as frames), each of which contains the following information:
To take the test, answer the questions and use the Next, Previous, and Go To buttons to move from question to question. After you answer an individual question, if you want to see which answers are correct along with an explanation of each correct answer click Explanation. If you d rather wait until the end of the test to see how you did, answer all the questions and then click Score Test. You ll see a summary of the exam objectives you chose and the percentage of questions you got right overall and per objective. You can print a copy of your test, review your answers, or retake the test.
Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: Compression is available on client and server Microsoft operating sys tems that use NTFS file systems. B. Incorrect: Compression can be done regardless of the space available. C. Correct: The compression feature, as well as disk quotas and NTFS permissions, can only be done on an NTFS-formatted partition. D. Incorrect: The workstation does not have to be assigned to a domain.
Managing Data Storage
g. Which of the five DHCP messages is the only one to contain a Dynamic DNS Updates section within the DHCP Options field
Table 12-4
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