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You can configure the Assign A Static IP Address setting to assign a specific IP address to a user when a connection is made. barcode font
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Lesson 2
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Wingtip Toys, formerly known as Tailspin Toys, is considering a new Exchange Server 2007 deployment. Wingtip Toys has three separate sites. Two sites are connected to the third site by a dedicated Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) line. Incoming and outgoing traffic to the Internet pass through a Windows Server 2003 computer with ISA Server 2006 installed: 1. What is the minimum number of Edge Transport servers you need to deploy at Wingtip Toys 2. How many Hub Transport servers should you deploy at Wingtip Toys 3. How can you ensure that mail sent to addresses will not be rejected by Exchange Server
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Figure B-8
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Dim person As IPerson = _
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All users, groups, or computers in the domain or in an OU and its child OUs Disabled user or computer accounts Locked out accounts Users with a particular job title or Company property Users who have not changed their passwords or logged on for a particular period of time User accounts with the Password Never Expires flag set
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Administrative delegation relates to the simple idea that you might want a front-line administrator to be able to change the password for a certain subset of users. Each object in Active Directory (in this case, the user objects) includes an access control list (ACL) that defines permissions for that object, just as files on a disk volume have ACLs that define access for those files. So, for example, a user object s ACL will define what groups are allowed to reset its password. It would get complicated to assign the frontline administrator permissions to change each individual user s password, so instead you can put all of those users in a single OU and assign that administrator the reset password permission on the OU. That permission will be inherited by all user objects in the OU, thereby allowing that administrator to modify permissions for all users. Resetting user passwords is just one example of administrative delegation. There are thousands of combinations of permissions that could be assigned to groups administering and supporting Active Directory. OUs allow an enterprise to create an active representation of its administrative model and to specify who can do what to objects in the domain.
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In this practice, you will configure an operator to receive e-mail notifications. 1. Expand the SQL Server Agent node. 2. Right-click Operators and choose New Operator. 3. Specify a name for the operator. 4. Specify an e-mail address for the operator. 5. Click OK.
only read permission.
IPX RIP Routing
Lesson 1
1. Right-click a control in the Toolbox and choose Copy. 2. In the Document Outline window, right-click the form or container control you want to add a new control to and choose Paste.
SQL Server 2000 or later, so if you want to look at MOM, you might decide to download the workgroup version to an Exchange server that has the Edge Transport role installed. You can find information about planning your monitoring strategy and about MOM 2005 installation at com/mom/ techinfo/planning/default.mspx. You can download the installation file for the trial software from default.mspx. You can download the ExchangeServer2007ManagementPack.akm file and Exchange2007Reports.xml files from linkid=78482. No configuration is required if you want to monitor the following:
Other Common Issues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-42
An alias is an alternative way to refer to a cmdlet. For example, the Where-Object cmdlet previously shown has an alias of, simply, Where, so the code shown previously could be shortened to the following:
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