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To provide full messaging client functionality, you must enable the use of the Outlook MAPI client. Because your users are running Outlook 2003 and you have deployed Exchange Server 2003, you can enable Outlook access using RPC over HTTPS. Configure your Outlook 2003 clients to use RPC over HTTP by creating a custom profile. Configure the front-end Exchange Server computer as an RPC proxy server and configure the RPC virtual directory to require Basic authentication. Install an SSL certificate on the OWA server. Export the certificate and install it on the ISA Server or configure another SSL certificate on the ISA Server. Create a Secure Web publishing rule for the RPC directory on the Exchange Server computer. Finally, create a rule on the internal firewall to allow RPC traffic from the front-end Exchange Server computer to the back-end Exchange Server computers.
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C. Use the Taskbar And Start Menu Properties page to select the Auto-Hide The Taskbar check box. D. Right-click the taskbar, and choose AutoHide.
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Internet Explorer Administration Kit allows you to create customized Windows Internet Explorer packages. The Internet Explorer Administration Kit Profile Manager allows you to configure automatic configuration files for Windows Internet Explorer. These configuration files can be hosted at an accessible location. Add sites that you suspect of containing malware to the Restricted Sites zone. Add sites that you trust but that are not located on your organizational network to the Trusted Sites zone. You can allow specific add-ons while blocking all others by configuring Group Policy.
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Hardware Requirements Software Requirements Using the SQL Server Evaluation DVD and the Companion CD System Requirements for the Companion CD Microsoft Certified Professional Program Technical Support Evaluation Edition Software Support
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In the event that you want to conf igure certain users to use POP3 or IMAP4 protocol settings to other users, you can specify individual settings using the Set-PopSettings or SetImapSettings command. To f ind out more about conf iguring POP3 or IMAP4 settings on an individual user basis, consult the following link on TechNet: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb124540.aspx.
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Designing a DNS Structure
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This identifier is generated using information about computer hardware configuration. This ID is unique and changes if the hardware configuration of the computer changes. 25-character key. This is either a retail key or a Multiple Activation Key. Unless Key Management Services is in use, this key must be input on the computer running the Windows 7 operating system. You can deploy keys through the unattended installation process. You learn about Key Management Services and deploying keys in an unattended installation later in this lesson.
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Implementing Code Access Security
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8. Click the Dial button. The Connecting MyCompany message box displays the status of the connection. After the configured phone number is dialed, the telephone rings twice, and the Routing And Remote Access service on Computer1 answers. The user name and password are verified, and then the computer is registered on the network. Finally, the Connecting MyCompany message box closes, and domain logon pro ceeds using the supplied credentials. 9. Once domain logon of User1 has completed, open a Microsoft Internet Explorer window. Dismiss any messages or warnings that you receive. 10. In the Address text box, type \\computer1.domain1.local, and then press Enter. The shares available on Computer1 appear in the Internet Explorer window, which demonstrates that User1 has successfully connected to Computer1 over a dial-up connection. 11. Close Internet Explorer, and then log off Computer2.
T-SQL with which to write server-side code with logic that was difficult to write in T-SQL. CLR integration provides a more robust alternative to XPs. In addition, with CLR integration, many stored procedures can be better expressed as table-valued functions, enabling them to be invoked and manipulated using the query language. Following are some of the benefits of using CLR procedures rather than XPs:
you can set the functional level accordingly to benefit from the enhanced features introduced by this version of Windows.
used to create the logins. Note that database users who were associated with lost logins will be orphaned and will be unable to access the database. After you restore the master database, the instance of SQL Server is halted. If a backup of the system databases does not exist or has itself become corrupted, or single user mode cannot be reached, you can rebuild the system databases using the SQL Server 2005 installation media. To rebuild system databases for a default instance of SQL Server 2005 from the command prompt, perform the following steps: 1. Insert the SQL Server 2005 installation media into the drive. (These instructions assume that the DVD-ROM drive with the media is drive D.) 2. Open a command prompt, and issue the following command:
Lesson 1: Assessing Database Availability Requirements
Objective 4.5
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The error produced when a group s membership will not allow a change of scope
Figure 10-1 Automatic Updates can be configured in a variety of ways.
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