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After this lesson, you will be able to:
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Using the Backup Utility 20-11
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Errors exist in your configuration. If you navigate to the Contoso-Root-CA, you will see that this CA also includes errors according to Enterprise PKI. These errors refer to the Web-based download locations for the CRL Distribution Point and for the AIA. These errors appear because they refer to locations that do not exist. These locations must be created manually in IIS. However, because you are using an AD DS integrated AD CS deployment, you do not need to add Web-based download locations even if they are indicated by default in the configuration of AD CS. In an AD DS integrated deployment, the directory service is responsible for AIA and CRL distribution, and, because this service is highly available, no secondary location is required. In fact, you need to add secondary locations only if you want to make them available to mobile or external users who are outside your internal network. If you do so, your URLs will need to be available externally. 5. Click Contoso-Root-CA under the Enterprise PKI node and select Manage CA. This launches the Certificate Authority standalone console with a focus on the root CA. Remember that Server Manager can work with the local server only. Therefore, you need to use the standalone console. 6. Right-click Contoso-Root-CA and select Properties. 7. Click the Extensions tab and verify that CRL Distribution Point (CDP) is selected in the drop-down list. 8. Select http://<ServerDNSName>/CertEnroll/<CaName><CRLNameSuffix><DeltaCRLAllowed>.crl in the locations section of the dialog box and clear Include In CRLs, Clients Use This To Find Delta CRL Locations as well as Include in the CDP extension of issued certificates. 9. Select Authority Information Access (AIA) from the drop-down list. 10. Select http://<ServerDNSName>/CertEnroll/<ServerDNSName>_<CaName><CertificateName>.crt and clear Include in the AIA extension of issued certificates. Click OK to apply your changes. AD CS automatically points to a CertEnroll virtual directory under the default Web site for Web as the CDP. However, the installation process for AD CS does not create this virtual directory by default. In addition, because this is a root CA, it does not host IIS and will be taken offline. Pointing to a nonexistent Web server as a CDP location is not good practice, and this location must be removed from the CA s configuration; otherwise, it will be embedded in the certificates it issues. 11. Because you modified the configuration of the AD CS server, the console will ask you to restart AD CS on this server. Click Yes. 12. Close the Certificate Authority console and return to Enterprise PKI in Server Manager. 13. On the toolbar, click the Refresh button to update Enterprise PKI. Note that though there are no longer location errors for the root CA, there are still errors under the issuing CA.
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Installing and running a software program almost always requires a license, an acti vation code, a validation code, or a product identification number. Generally, you find these numbers on the CD itself, on the CD case, on the box, or, if the applica tion was downloaded from the Internet, in an e-mail. As a DST, particularly if you work in a private shop or visit users homes, users ask you to install software for them. It is in your best interest and the users to make sure that the software you are using is properly licensed. If you cannot verify licensing, explain to the user why you are not comfortable installing the software. In some instances, you must enter the code prior to installation, as with Microsoft Office. Other times you must input a product ID during installation, and activation occurs after you complete the installation, as with Windows XP. Sometimes you enter an unlock code the first time you use the application, which then activates the program. Whatever the case, you need to verify that the end user or the company has a valid license, product ID, or activation code prior to beginning the installa tion. Figure 6-2 shows an example of a product ID requirement prior to installation.
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Practice 1: Configure a roaming profile for secure access. Set the permissions on an individual profile folder for that user. Make sure that no other users have access to the data, and that users can log on and use their profile data successfully. Practice 2: Change the configuration of the roaming profile to make it man datory. Groups of users sharing a profile should not be able to change it. To do this rename the shared profile from Ntuser.dat to Ntuser.man. Using a mandatory profile does not limit the ability of users who share the profile from creating, modifying, or deleting application data files within the profile folder structure.
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Lesson 2: Overview of Corporate Environments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-10 Lesson 3: Overview of Noncorporate Environments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-18 Lesson 4: Overview of Basic Troubleshooting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-21
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/// Use ContextUtil to determine if current user is a Manager.
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<GetPurchaseTotal xmlns="http://www.mycompany.com/" />
Table 15-2 SQL Server 2005 Isolation Levels
Designing a Windows 7 Client Deployment Strategy
Event Viewer presents data in the form of logs. The Application, System, and Secu rity logs are on every Windows Server 2003 server. Domain controllers have two additional logs relating to Active Directory, and other application servers (such as DNS) have their own set of log files. The Performance console (perfmon.msc) consists of two snap-ins: System Monitor and Performance Logs And Alerts. System Monitor shows real-time performance data based on Object counters, and can display the log data recorded by Perfor mance Logs And Alerts either in the form of Counter (interval polling) logs, or Trace (event-driven) logs. Task Manager is used to view real-time performance data surrounding processes and applications. Processes can be initiated and ended using Task Manager. Pro cesses can also be adjusted up or down in CPU priority, and can be assigned affin ity to a particular processor on a multiprocessor computer. WMI is a management system that collects data from computer systems. The con trol interface of WMI Control snap-in allows for adjustment of permissions beyond the default of the local administrator to manage computers across the network. While WMI is capable of configuring many different types of system behavior including users, groups, and services, the focus of this chapter is on the ability to extract data from the WMI Repository using the command line interface to WMI, WMIC. WMIC is capable of reporting running services, installed applications, and publishing Event Viewer data to CSV or HTML files for ease of distribution and analysis.
Problem Statements
AD FS operations
Lesson 5
Storing numeric values in the database is more basic. The decision you have to make is what kind of numbers you need to store. For whole numbers only, using an integer-based number is an obvious choice. But when storing numbers like money values, percentages, or large scientific numeric values, you will need to carefully consider the types of data you want to store. In our schema we need to store several types of number. In the OrderItem entity we will need quantity and price attributes. Because we don t know what kind of sales items our product needs, using a floating point value for the quantity makes more sense. This allows for nonwhole numbers. For example, we could sell items per pound. Also, in OrderItem we need to store a price. Some databases have a data type called Money to specify that we are dealing with a monetary number. If you do not have a Money data type, you can specify either a floating point number or more likely a fixed point number (for example, NUMERIC(10,2) to mean a 10-digit number with two decimal places).
scheme by implementing the GenericIdentity and GenericPrincipal classes.
Installing Windows Vista Client
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Description No security is provided for any messages. Security is provided at the network transport level.
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