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Bypass traverse checking.
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Both the command-line utility svcutil and Visual Studio can be used to generate proxy classes from a service s metadata, whose instances can be used as proxies to a service. Proxy classes can be manually defined by inheriting from the ClientBase class or from the DuplexClientBase class for proxies that need a callback channel. Proxy objects can be generated dynamically using the ChannelFactory class based only on the Service contract. Method calls on proxy objects are translated into messages sent to a remote service by the WCF client-side plumbing either synchronously or asynchronously. Asynchronous method calls use the Begin- and End- method pairs in tandem.
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Simple Routing Scenario
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Note You can install a replicate Configuration Storage server in the branch on the computer that hosts RRAS if it is running Windows Server 2003. Installing Configuration Storage server does not stop RRAS.
Configuring Internet Explorer Security
The WebMethods Framework
In the Answer File box, select CreatePartition.
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As you saw earlier in this chapter, a data region is a report item that displays rows of data from the source datasets. SSRS has three data regions: Tablix, chart, and gauge. There is no Tablix report item in the Toolbox window; you start working with Tablix by using a List, Table, or Matrix report item. Up to now, you have used the Report Wizard to create data regions and assign datasets automatically, but you can also create data regions and assign the datasets manually. To create a data region, you need to navigate to the Report Designer s Design tab, and then drag one of the five report items described in the following sections to the report layout region.
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