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Windows XP Professional can operate in two wireless networking modes:
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Context CALLER
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' VB OrdersDataView = CustomersDataRowView.CreateChildView("FK_Orders_Customers") OrdersDataGridView.DataSource = OrdersDataView // C# OrdersDataView = CustomersDataRowView.CreateChildView("FK_Orders_Customers"); OrdersDataGridView.DataSource = OrdersDataView;
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The basic components of log shipping are shown in Figure 10-1.
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Designing Database Server Security Policies
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Two computers with different network IDs can have the same host ID. However, the combination of the network ID and the host ID must be unique to all computers in communication with each other. Hosts depend on a second number called a subnet mask to help determine which por tion of an IP address is the network ID and which portion is the host ID. The subnet mask defines where the network ID stops and the host ID starts. It is easier to see why this works if you step away from the decimal representation for a moment and look at the numbers in their binary format. Figure 1-10 depicts a single IP address shown in both decimal and binary format. A subnet mask is also shown in both formats. In binary format, a subnet mask always represents a string of unbroken ones followed by a string of unbroken zeroes. The position of the change from ones to zeroes indicates the division of network ID and host ID in an IP address.
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= Page: & Globals!PageNumber & of & Globals!TotalPages =First(Fields!Name.Value) Sales Amounts in US$
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<DataMember(IsRequired:=False)> _ Public StateOrProvince As String <DataMember(IsRequired:=False)> _ Public Country As String Public ApartmentNumber As String End Class // C# [DataContract( Namespace = "http://schemas.fabrikam.com/customers/")] public class Address { [DataMember(IsRequired = false, Order = 0)] public string City; [DataMember(IsRequired = false, Order = 0)] public string AddressLine; [DataMember(IsRequired = false,Order = 1)] public string ZipOrPostalCode; [DataMember(IsRequired = false)] public string StateOrProvince; [DataMember(IsRequired = false)] public string Country; public string ApartmentNumber; }
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In many cases, there are legal and/or company policy restrictions that force you to maintain a certain number of years of historical data. Even though users rarely access historical data beyond three years, assume you have to maintain history for up to seven years. The product history information is stored in two tables: Production.ProductListPriceHistory and Production.ProductCostHistory. Both these tables have a start and end date. The end date could be used to partition the data and move data older than three years but less than seven years into a separate database. You could also move data older than seven years into a database that would only be accessible through backups. The data residing in a separate database would need to be accessible to the database application. A linked server could be created which points to this database. The database application allows users to optionally select a date range when requesting product history. Assume that the following stored procedure was originally used to access the historical data:
Cmdlets can be typed into the Windows PowerShell interactively or saved in script files (*.PS1) that are then executed by Windows PowerShell.
nontransactional queue, set the label, return the InvoicingQueue, adjust Main to call GetQueue, and wait for the user to press Enter.
Evaluate the most heavily used queries within your environment to determine whether you could benefit from additional indexing or a redesign of existing indexes.
Lesson 1: Overview of Active Directory
Mirrored Volumes versus RAID-5 Volumes
// C# ts2.Dispose();
Table 6-2 details Web permission levels. You can set these permissions in the Virtual Directory or Home Directory tabs of the properties dialog box for a virtual directory or a Web site.
unattended installation An automated installation in which the Winnt32 and Winnt commands are used along with an unattended answer file to script the installation. UNC See Universal Naming Convention (UNC). Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Provides the hypertext links between documents on the World Wide Web (WWW). Every resource on the Internet has its own URL that specifies the server to access as well as the access method and the location. URLs can use various protocols including File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). uninterruptible power supply (UPS) A device connected between a computer or another piece of electronic equipment and a power source, such as an electrical outlet. The UPS ensures that the electrical flow to the computer is not interrupted because of a blackout and, in most cases, protects the computer against potentially damaging events such as power surges and brownouts. All UPS units are equipped with a battery and loss-of-power sensor. If the sensor detects a loss of power, it immediately switches to the battery so that users have time to save their work and shut off their computers. Most higher-end models have features such as power filtering, sophisticated surge protection, and a serial port so that an operating system capable of communicating with a UPS (such as Windows XP Professional) can work with the UPS to facilitate automatic system shutdown. uniqueness database file (UDF) A text file that is used in conjunction with an answer file and contains the settings that are unique to each computer. Universal Naming Convention (UNC) A convention for naming files and other resources beginning with two backslashes (\\), indicating that the resource exists on a network computer. UNC names conform to the \\Servername\Sharename syntax. universal serial bus (USB) A serial bus with a data transfer rate of 12 megabits per second (Mbps) for connecting peripherals to a microcomputer. USB can connect up to 127 peripheral devices to the system through a single general-purpose port. This is accomplished by daisy chaining peripherals together. USB is designed to support the ability to automatically add and configure new devices as well as the ability to add such devices without having to shut down and restart the system. UPN UPS URL See user principal name (UPN). See uninterruptible power supply (UPS). See Uniform Resource Locator (URL).
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