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Recommended Use Use if you are writing native code targeting Windows or if you need to write a classic ASP application, Visual Basic 6.0x COM application, or C++ application. Use if you need to access the latest features in SQL Server 2005 using ODBC or OLE DB. Use if you are writing a managed code application for the .NET Framework.
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Information about any issues relating to the use of this evaluation edition software with this training kit is posted to the Support section of the Microsoft Press Technical Support website (http://www.microsoft.com/learning/support/books). For information about ordering the full version of any Microsoft software, please call Microsoft Sales at (800) 426-9400 or visit http://www.microsoft.com.
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Click Start, and then click Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu, and then click Internet Options. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Security tab.
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' VB Dim dir As String = "C:\MyApp" Dim ds As DirectorySecurity = Directory.GetAccessControl(dir) ds.AddAccessRule(New FileSystemAccessRule("Administrator", _ FileSystemRights.FullControl, AccessControlType.Allow)) Directory.SetAccessControl(dir, ds) // C# string dir = @"C:\myApp"; DirectorySecurity ds = Directory.GetAccessControl(dir); ds.AddAccessRule(new FileSystemAccessRule("Guest", FileSystemRights.FullControl, AccessControlType.Allow)); Directory.SetAccessControl(dir, ds);
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Lesson 3: Tracking Data Changes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .397 Comparing Change Tracking to CDC Configuring Change Tracking Configuring CDC SQL Server Audit Lesson Summary 397 399 408 415 423
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Case Scenario Exercise, Requirement 1
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Objective 6.3 Questions 1.
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To view what columns are included in a full-text index, you can use the sys.fulltext_index_ columns catalog view, as shown in the following command.
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Estimated lesson time: 45 minutes
If you want to use authentication in workgroup mode, you ll have to create your own certificate and use the SenderCertificate property on the message to set the certificate. The drawback here is that any certificate is actually acceptable. The recipient of the message needs to inspect the certificate contained in the message and determine whether it wants to accept this certificate. To authenticate without Active Directory, you need to obtain an X.509 certificate. Included with Visual Studio 2005 and also with the .NET Framework 2.0 Software Development Kit is a command-line utility named makecert. Use this tool to create a personal certificate and store in your per sonal certificates:
Important You can create an XML signature for any kind of document, including binary documents. It s an XML signature because the signature itself is stored in an XML file, not because the file being signed is XML-based.
Case Scenario 2: Improving the Remoting Client Using Interfaces
Storage 5 17 bytes depending upon the precision
A dynamic row filter, available only with merge replication, enables you to define a filter that is not fixed on an article. During the synchronization process, the filter is calcu lated based on information from the subscriber, which enables a single publication to distribute different sets of data to each subscriber. An example of a dynamic filter is the following:
These five technologies comprise a complete IDA solution:
Practice 1: Right-click a Web publishing rule in the Firewall Policy node of the ISA Server 2004 Management Console and select Configure HTTP. Navigate through each of the available tabs, clicking on the question mark box to describe the function of each configurable option. Practice 2: Select the Publish A Secure Web Server task in the Firewall Policy node of the ISA Server 2004 Management Console. Give the rule the name TEST-SSL and then click Next. On the Publishing Mode page of the wizard, click Link To Help About SSL Bridging And Tunneling. This will open a link to a help file providing information about SSL bridging and tunneling. Review the text and then close the help file. On the Publishing Mode page Select SSL Bridging and click Next. Set the Action To Take When Rule Conditions Are Met to Allow and then click Next. On the Bridging Mode page, examine all three options and try to understand the differences between them. The graphic shown as part of the dialog box should assist you. Instead of completing the wizard, close the dialog box.
Role Account Domain Resource Domain Role AD DS domain controller for contoso.com, the account domain The federation server for contoso.com, the account domain The Federation Service Proxy for contoso.com, the account domain The SQL Server database server for the AD RMS deployment in contoso.com AD DS domain controller for woodgrovebank.com, the resource domain The federation server for woodgrovebank.com, the resource domain The Federation Service Proxy and AD FS enabled Web server for woodgrovebank.com, the resource domain
Dim ResultString As String
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\NoStartMenuMyMusic
As mentioned earlier, some devices have extra tabs that are not mentioned above. For example, some devices also have a Power Management tab, shown in Figure 3-5, that you can use to configure whether Windows Vista can turn off a device to save power. You might examine this setting if a user reports that a device seems to fail after a certain amount of time. It might simply be that the device is configured to turn itself off after a particular period has elapsed in an effort to reduce power consumption.
Configuring Disks and Volumes
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