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Setup Instructions
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mon examples include the ListBox, ComboBox, and CheckedListBox controls.
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Lesson 1: Concurrency in WCF Applications
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first five letters of the employee s last name to build a customer ID that is similar to those in the Customers table:
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Figure 7-4 The runtime verifies the signature of strong-named assemblies against the signature that was present when the assembly was originally referenced.
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3. You would like to test the restore procedures on your server, but would also like to avoid affecting the production copies of the backed-up data. What is the best restore location to use a. Original location b. Alternate location c. Single folder
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computer accounts. If a Windows 2000 based server authenticates the account, Windows XP looks for Group Policy, not System Policy. If a Windows NT based server authenticates the account, Windows XP looks for System Policy. (It uses the file Ntconfig.pol in the NETLOGON share.) You can use this to your advantage when you haven't deployed Active Directory but you still want to configure policies. To configure System Policies, use System Policy Editor. You load the Windows XP policy templates in System Policy Editor before using them. Using System Policy, you can configure and deliver all the registry based policies that these templates define. Note that Windows XP doesn't provide System Policy Editor but Windows 2000 Server does. Also, you will find System Policy Editor in the Office XP Resource Kit, which you learn about in 14, "Deploying Office XP Settings." You create the Ntconfig.pol file and drop it in the NETLOGON share. If Windows XP authenticates the account using that Windows NT based server, it downloads and parses the policies from the Ntconfig.pol file it finds in the NETLOGON share. If you're not using Active Directory or a Windows NT domain, you can still configure System Policy. You configure Windows XP to look for the Ntconfig.pol file in any share by specifying a path to the policy file. You must make this change on each individual computer, however, which makes it a labor intensive process unless you configure it on your disk images. Set the UpdateMode REG_DWORD value to 0x02, which changes Windows XP from automatic (0x01) to manual mode (0x02). (Set this value to 0x00 to turn off system policy.) Then set the REG_SZ value NetworkPath to the UNC path and name of the policy file you want to use. These values are in the key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Update. You might have to create them.
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As an alternative to creating a WindowsIdentity object using the WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent method, you can extract the current WindowsPrincipal object by querying the current thread directly. To do this, first set the current principal policy to use Windows security, and then create a new WindowsPrincipal object by casting System.Threading.Thread.CurrentPrincipal as a WindowsPrincipal object. The following code (which requires both the System.Security.Principal and System.Threading namespaces) demonstrates this:
table-valued function A function that returns the results as a table data type. term The word, phrase, or character string included as input in the full-text query. thesaurus XML files that define synonyms for terms in a specific language. token A word or character string defined by a word breaker.
Before taking the exam, review the key points and terms that are presented in this chapter. You need to know this information.
Spam, Viruses, and Compliance
You can also specify the base class and interfaces that it supports by using overrides of the DefineType method, which takes a third parameter as the base class and a fourth parameter that contains an array of types that define the interfaces implemented on the type:
It is possible to read (but not update) the current throttling settings after the service host has been opened. Applications do this, typically to provide diagnostic information about the service. You do this by accessing the dispatcher for the service, which is responsible for
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Before you can enable SSL in a secure Web publishing scenario, you must obtain one or more digital server certificates issued by a CA. The number and placement of the digital certificates depends on what SSL configuration option you choose. Follow these guidelines:
Shared Sub Main(ByVal args As String()) Signing Step 1: Create the digital signature algorithm object Dim signer As DSACryptoServiceProvider = New DSACryptoServiceProvider Signing Step 2: Create a reference to the XML document being signed
Server Roles and Objects To Be Monitored
<clientCredentials type="String" supportInteractive="<Boolean>" > <clientCertificate /> <httpDigest /> <issuedToken /> <peer /> <serviceCertificate /> <windows /> </clientCredentials>
Troubleshooting Office Applications
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