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Practice 1
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Creating the Naming Strategy
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PasswordLastSetTime PasswordHash
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1 . How can partitioning improve query performance 2. What storage mode would you select to leave the detail data in the relational
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Table 10-2 lists the message tracking configuration parameters that you can use with the Set-TransportServer and Set-MailboxServer cmdlets.
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G04tb27 [Folder Options offline files]
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Routers read the destination addresses of received packets and then route those pack ets according to directions provided by routing tables. Figure 9-12 shows a routing table used by an IP router.
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Important After your computer is ready to face the Internet world, you still need to regularly maintain it to ensure that you have the latest available updates for both your antivirus software and your operating system.
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5. Double-click the Execute SQL button to create the button-click event handler and switch the form to code view. 6. Add references to the System.Data and System.Data.SqlClient namespaces. 7. Add code to create a connection on the form. At this point, your form code should look like the following (substitute a valid connection string for the NorthwindConnection):
Windows Media Center is included in the Home Premium and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista. With the appropriate hardware, Media Center can allow a personal computer to replace your DVD player, video recorder, and audio CD players. All of your videos, DVDs, movies, TV, recorded television, photos, and music can be played through a single device that connects to your high definition television. Although it cannot be used to record television, Windows Media Player is available in all editions of Windows Vista and can be used to consolidate your music collection, adding it to a single library that all other compatible devices on the local area network can access. Just as Windows Media Center eliminates the need for DVD players and videocassette recorders, Windows Fax and Scan removes the need for the fax machine. Fax and Scan is available with the Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista. Fax and Scan allows documents to be faxed directly from Windows applications or scanned using an optical scanning device from hard copy to the computer and sent as a traditional fax. Synchronized with a mobile phone that supports modem functionality, the mobile worker can receive and send faxes anywhere that cell phone reception is available.
Use The Move Computers Task In Windows Server Update Services will assign computers to groups using the WSUS administration page.
Users will tell you quickly enough if they do not have the privileges that they think they should or if they cannot install or run software that they believe they should be able to. They are less likely to tell you that they have more privileges than they expect, are not prompted for credentials, and can install and run software when they expect this to be prohibited. As an IT professional, you should periodically check that users cannot do more than you expect them to. If you have blocked unsigned programs, for example, you should check that such programs cannot run. Users report faults that do not enable them to do what they expect. You need to determine whether they can do more than you expect.
Figure 14-8: Choosing a backup schedule 10. Click OK. Review your backup settings. If they are OK, click Save Settings And Exit.
Notice that the values for the attributes are set to true. This indicates that the security context will be established. To see the extra messages generated between the client and service, compare the traces that you are about to generate to the traces from Exercise 1, Configure Basic Message Security, in this lesson. 6. Ensure that the TestClient project is set as the startup project and launch the application by pressing F5. In a few seconds, the Console window will display a message. 7. Press Enter to terminate the application. Use the Service Trace Viewer application to view the different traces. 8. Launch the Service Trace Viewer by clicking the Start button and choosing All Programs. Select Microsoft Windows SDK v6.1, click Tools, and then choose Service Trace Viewer. 9. In the Service Trace Viewer, choose Open from the File menu, browse to <InstallHome>/ 7/Lesson2/Exercise1/<language>/Before/DemoService/bin/Debug, and open the Traces.svclog file. About three messages down, you will see a TransportSend message with a method of RequestSecurityToken. This is followed by a number of messages related to receiving the secure token. In the scenario for this exercise, the difference is minimal. However, when the service host is IIS and the number of requests made through the same proxy is greater than two, the difference can be significant.
Analyzing Queries
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Describe what a perimeter network is Describe the network templates included with ISA Server 2004 Implement network templates
Lesson 1: Installing Exchange Server 2007
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