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Defining Cross Joins
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Connection 2
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Combining Backup Types
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Supporting Various DHCP Clients
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There are four coauthors for this book, but the list of people who helped put this book together is too long to fit on a single page. We apologize in advance if we have forgotten anyone thanks! First, special thanks to Dima Zurbalev, senior consultant at Sela Group, who provided invaluable insight and help during the writing of most of this book s chapters. Without Dima s exceptional investigatorial and debugging skills, this book would not be as complete. Thanks to David Bassa, Sela Group CEO, who supported Alon and Sasha in their decision to write this book and accepted countless excuses related to our sleepless nights. This book would not be as detailed and accurate without the input and support of members of the Windows 7 development team, who explained how the APIs work, answered our questions, and provided useful code samples. We thank the following people for their input to: the book: Ben Betz Rob Jarrett Greg Lett David Washington Reed Townsend Dan Polivy Gavin Gear Alec Berntson Nicolas Brun Shawn Van Ness Ryan Demopolous
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If you suspect that a deployment has not gone according to plan, you should examine the logs to tease out details of things that may have gone awry. You can search for information in two primary locations:
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leaves space on leaf-level pages so that less splits occur when data is written. Setting the pad index to ON applies the fill factor to intermediate as well as leaf-level pages. 3. Create a plan guide for the query. Plan guides apply query hints to queries in deployed applications when you cannot or do not want to change the application directly. In this case, the plan guide makes the query ignore the unsuitable query hint. If necessary, you can use the plan guide to apply a different query hint.
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Usage Base class from which all WSE 3.0 filters must derive; replaces input and output filters in WSE 2.0; used pri marily for filters that do not secure SOAP messages. Base class from which all filters that handle receiving and securing SOAP messages should derive. Base class from which all filters that handle the trans mission and securing of SOAP messages should derive.
-- Connection 1 Session ID: <put @@SPID result here> /* Leave the above line to easily see that this query window belongs to Connection 1. */ SELECT @@SPID; GO CREATE DATABASE TestDB; GO USE TestDB; GO CREATE SCHEMA Test; GO CREATE TABLE Test.TestTable ( Col1 INT NOT NULL ,Col2 INT NOT NULL ); INSERT Test.TestTable (Col1, Col2) VALUES (1,10); INSERT Test.TestTable (Col1, Col2) VALUES (2,20);
Objective 3.3
Exam Tip
Client C has an incorrectly configured default gateway. The default gateway should be set to
Designing a Data Recovery Strategy
Windows PE can play three roles in a workstation deployment process. you use it to boot the reference computer, so you can install Windows 7. Then you use it to boot the reference computer in preparation for capturing an image. Finally, you use it to boot the target workstations, so you can install your custom images. In each of these three instances, you can boot the computer from a disk or by using a PXE boot.
Lessons in this chapter:
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
Implementing ISA Server 2004, Enterprise Edition
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