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Lesson 5: Customizing Code Access Security
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Figure 7-11 The Security Policy File Name page of the Security Configuration Wizard code 39 generator source
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Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-20
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Installed the Windows 7 operating system on a stand-alone client PC named WKSTN1, as described in the Introduction. For the practice exercise at the end of Lesson 1, download the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.1.1 or later installation files from the following location on the Microsoft Web site:
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Managing Hardware Devices and Drivers
1. While ISA1 reboots, on DC1, locate the Manager1 user account in Active Directory Users And Computers. Double-click the account. 2. On the Dial-In tab, click Allow Access. 3. Log on to SERVER1 using a local administrator account. 4. On the Start menu, point to Control Panel, and then point to Network and click New Connection Wizard. 5. Click Create A Connection To The Network At Your Workplace. Click Next. 6. On the Network Connection page, click Virtual Private Network Connection and then click Next. 7. On the Connection Name page, in the Company Name text box, type Coho Vineyard VPN, and then click Next. 8. On the VPN Server Selection page, in the Host Name Or IP Address text box, type the IP address for the external network interface on ISA1, and then click Next. 9. On the Connection Availability page, click Next. 10. On the Completing The New Connection Wizard page, click Finish. 11. Wait until ISA1 finishes rebooting. Once the server is back online, click My Network Places in the left pane, and then click View Network Connections. 12. Double-click Coho Vineyard VPN. 13. In the Connect Cohovineyard VPN dialog box, log on as Manager1, and then click Connect. 14. After creating the VPN connection to the computer running ISA Server, an icon that represents the established connection appears in the System tray. Right-click the icon and click Disconnect.
Practice: Creating an IP Addressing Scheme
Test the function. Turn on the display of the actual execution plan to verify that SQL Server did not execute the function but instead substituted the function body into the SELECT statement. In the existing query window, type, highlight, and execute the following code:
C. Computer Administrator D. Admin
A file that contains at least one region of unallocated space within its structure. The allocation table lists the file with the size specified at creation, but the size on disk is much lower because of the unallocated regions within the file.
Notice that the RowState is Added to reflect that this is a new row, and the Origi
Practice 5
For more information about providers, requestors, and writers, access en-us/library/aa384594.aspx, and, respectively.
video display adapter An adapter card that provides the interface between the sys tem board and the display monitor. warm boot The process of restarting the computer from an ON condition.
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2. You are the administrator for your company s network, which consists of a central office LAN and three branch office LANs, all in different cities. You have decided to design a new DNS infrastructure while deploying Active Directory on your network. Your goals for the network are first to implement a single Active Directory forest across all four locations and second to minimize response times for users connecting to resources anywhere on the network. Assume that all branch offices have domain controllers running DNS servers. Which of the following actions best meets these goals a. Configure a single Active Directory domain for all four locations and config ure a single Active Directory integrated DNS zone that replicates through the entire domain. b. Configure a single Active Directory domain for all four locations, and config ure a standard primary zone at the central office with zone transfers to sec ondary zones at each branch office. c. Configure an Active Directory domain and a DNS domain for the central office, delegate a DNS subdomain to each branch office, and configure an Active Directory integrated zone in each location that replicates through the entire forest. d. Configure an Active Directory domain and a DNS domain for the central office, delegate a DNS subdomain to each branch office, and configure an Active Directory integrated zone in each location that replicates through the entire domain.
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