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4. Build the project, and resolve any errors. 5. Right-click the MyWebService.asmx file and click Set As Start Page. Press Ctrl+F5 to start without debugging. 6. After the Service help page loads, click the IsVendorInSessionState link, which should bring you to the Web method help page and from here, click Invoke. A value of false should be returned because the code to store session state has not yet been executed. Close this Web page and click the Back button on the Web method help page. 7. Click the SetVendor link, enter any numerical value (such as 1) in the Vendor text box and click Invoke from the Web method help page. Close this Web page and click the Back button on the Web method help page. 8. Once again, click the IsVendorInSessionState link. After clicking Invoke, a value of true should be returned this time.
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Creating and Maintaining Active Directory Objects
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Get-Eventlog System | where {$_.EventID -eq 7026}
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The TableLayoutPanel Control
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' VB Class BigClass End Class // C# class BigClass { }
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Understand how to use Disaster Recovery Methods for Devices Understand and analyze driver-related problems
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Configure and Troubleshoot Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)
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Enabling Download Notification To enable download-complete notification, follow these steps: 1. Open Internet Explorer, and from the Tools menu, select Internet Options. 2. From the Advanced tab, and in the Browsing section, select the Notify When Downloads Complete check box. 3. Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box. As you learned in this section, you can resolve many problems by using the View menu or the Internet Options dialog box. The Content tab, Programs tab, and Advanced tab of the Internet Options dialog box allow you to change the program defaults and personalize Internet Explorer. The View menu enables personalization of the toolbars. Many user requests can be handled by making changes here.
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Create a WindowsPrincipal object representing the current user Dim currentPrincipal As WindowsPrincipal = New WindowsPrincipal(currentIdentity) Set the security policy context to Windows security System.AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetPrincipalPolicy( PrincipalPolicy.WindowsPrincipal)
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What additional hardware do you need to install onto the computer prior to installing Windows XP
work properties.
number. In the United States and Canada you can use channels 1, 6, and 11. Check the manufacturer s information that came with your WAP (or Wi-Fi adapter) for instructions about how to set the wireless signal channel.
Exchange Servers
IPSec6 The IPSec6 tool is not implemented in Windows 7.
Figure 13-3: Counters included in the System Diagnostics data set To use a DCS, right-click it and then select Start. The System Performance DCS has a default overall duration of 10 minutes. The System Diagnostics DCS collector set has a default overall duration of 1 minute. To stop a DCS manually, right-click it and then click Stop. After running a DCS, you can view a summary of the data that it has gathered in the Performance Monitor\Reports node. To view the most recent report for a DCS, right-click the DCS and then click Latest Report. You can then view the report by accessing it in the Reports node, as shown in Figure 13-4.
Explain the differences between load, stress, and performance testing.
TableName BigWaste OnlyALittleWaste page_count 5,000 5,000 avg_page_space_used_ in_percent 74.33 99.04
3. In the Import dialog box, select the appropriate identity and click Next. 4. In the Location Of Messages dialog box, accept the defaults (unless the mail folder has been moved), and click Next. If the mail folder has been moved, you will need to use the Browse button to locate it before clicking Next. 5. In the Select Folders dialog box, select All Folders or Selected Folders. If Selected Folders is chosen, select the folders to import. To select more than one folder, hold down the CTRL key. Click Next. 6. Click Finish after the messages are imported successfully.
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