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Change the application to use a directory that members of the Users group can add files
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Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics Mailbox:"Alias"
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The ISA Server Management Console has the following features:
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3. As the network administrator for a Windows Server 2003 network, you receive a call from one of your users that she is unable to connect to the MS SQL server, which is located on a different subnet. At the user s workstation, you type the command ipconfig and receive the following output:
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<extension name="x509" type="Microsoft.Web.Services3.Design.X509TokenProvider,
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The DROP INDEX statement will move the index from the primary filegroup to the partition defined by the partition scheme. An alternative to executing the DROP INDEX statement is to use the Storage page for the index properties. (Refer to Figure 8-1.)
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The Derived Column Transformation uses the SSIS expression language to generate the value of a new column or change the value of an existing column. The Conditional Split Transformation uses the SSIS expression language to evaluate the Boolean result of conditions that determine to which output a row should be sent.
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Lesson Summary
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Figure 6-2 This diagram shows the DNS design with same namespace.
Where ObjectDN is the distinguished name of the computer, such as CN=Desktop15, OU=Desktops,DC=contoso,DC=com. Again, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion.
Lesson 3
Before You Begin
Securing and Administering SSAS
7. Specify the local directory path for the backup file in the If The Backup Folder Is Located On The Primary Server, Type A Path To The Folder text box. Use the path C:\LogShipPractice\LSBackup. 8. Click OK to close the Transaction Log Backup Settings dialog box. 9. Below Secondary Databases, click Add. 10. Click Connect. Use the appropriate credentials to connect to the secondary server. If you are using the same instance for the secondary database, connect to the default server. 11. In the Secondary Database text box, name the database LSTesting2. 12. Select Yes, Generate A Full Backup Of The Primary Database And Restore It Into The Secondary Database. 13. Click Restore Options so that you can specify the directory in which you want SQL Server to restore the database files. Use the C:\LogShipPractice\Database path for both the database and log folders. Click OK. 14. Click the Copy Files tab. 15. Type the path C:\LogShipPractice\Copy in the Destination Folder For Copied Files text box. 16. Click OK to confirm your secondary database settings. 17. Select the Use A Monitor Server Instance check box. 18. Click Settings. 19. In the Log Shipping Monitor Server Settings dialog box, click Connect. Use the appropriate credentials to connect to the monitor server. If you are using the same instance as the monitor server, connect to the default server. 20. Click OK to close the Log Shipping Monitor Settings dialog box. 21. Click OK to save the log shipping configuration. 22. SQL Server now backs up the primary database, restores it to the secondary database, and configures monitoring. When this process completes, click Close to close the Save Log Shipping Configuration message box.
HRESULT UpdateProperty(UINT32 commandId, REFPROPERTYKEY key, const PROPVARIANT *currentValue, PROPVARIANT *newValue );
Driver update
Figure 9-3
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Figure 8-3
Lesson Review
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