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If you write classes from which other developers will derive, you can restrict which assemblies can inherit from your classes using the SecurityAction.InheritanceDemand enumeration. For example, only assemblies signed with the C:\Certificates\MyCertificate.cer certificate could inherit from the following class:
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Administering Software Licenses
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Name (Name of disk for base machine) quorum.vhd sqldata.vhd sqllog.vhd
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Figure 9-1 Queue Viewer
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After this lesson, you will be able to:
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Lessons in this chapter:
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often come across customer requirements that specify that connection user names and passwords cannot be stored as a clear text string in an XML file. This is a
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Configuring Program Settings
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Inductive (vs. Deductive) An inductive user interface (IUI) is a user interface that leads a user through application tasks, sometimes step by step. These interfaces also provide simple interfaces with a lot of instructional text on the interface itself. Users do not typically require a lot of training to work with IUIs; they do not have to deduce what a screen is asking of them or how to work with it. Rather, the IUI tries to simplify each task, present instructions, and guide a user through each step. In addition, if a user makes a mistake, the user can easily correct it when working with an IUI. Users typically do not come right out and ask for an IUI. Rather, they might ask for IUI concepts or refer to similar applications. They might say they want their Windows application to behave like a Web application with the back and forward buttons, or they might compare their needs to applications like Microsoft Money or the Task Pane features inside Office. When you hear comments like these, think IUI. An IUI is often best for applications that users do not use that often or do not intend to invest a lot of time in learning the interface or reading the application s help files. In these cases an IUI is perfect. A user might work with these features only once a week or even less often. An IUI does have its drawbacks. Users who process transactions many times a day through the UI can find an IUI cumbersome and sometimes in the way of their getting work done. They might prefer to see a seemingly complex transaction-specific screen that gives them all the options at once. Sometimes IUIs and more advanced screens work together in the same application. You may implement obscure features as IUIs. Alternatively, you may have a simple or learning mode and then an advanced mode. Think of the tool WinZip. It has a Wizard mode that acts as an IUI and a Classic mode that is more like a standard Windows UI. The Wizard mode is nice for users just starting with this tool. The Classic mode works great for power users.
Configuring and Managing Remote Access
44. Execute the queries and verify that the SELECT statements return two rows, that the Quantity column displays different values in each database (the Subscriber is lesser), and that the ModifiedDate column has a 15-second difference. 45. Navigate to the Replication, Local Publications, [ReplTesting]: Inventory publication. 46. Right-click the COMPUTERNAME.SubsTesting subscription and choose View Synchronization Status. 47. Click Start to initiate the Distribution Agent and synchronize the Publisher and the Subscriber.
Summary 18-45
What is the maximum number of users who can connect to a single folder shared on a Windows XP Professional system A. 1 B. 5 C. 10 D. 20
Practice tests For details about all the practice test options available, see the How to Use the Practice Tests section in this book s Introduction.
computers. You now want to be able to test the computers on the network regularly
On June 14, 2005, Microsoft released 10 security bulletins as part of its monthly update release. Three of these were rated Critical, and analysts expected that code exploiting the vulnerabilities would hit the streets within one week. In late 2005 a vulnerability in the Windows Metafile Format (WMF) was announced and exploits were released before Microsoft was able to fully regression test an update against the wide variety of operating systems and applications affected by the problem. No longer is it acceptable to wait for Service Pack 3 before deploying Service Pack 2, as was the practice in many organizations until recently. It is now understood that an enterprise network that is not updated with code fixes is simply not secure. Software updates now became part and parcel of the security strategies of an organization. In this chapter, you will learn how to apply Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) to keep servers and desktops up to date. WSUS allows an enterprise to centralize the downloading, testing, approval, and distribution of Windows-critical updates and Microsoft Windows security rollups. This service will play a significant role in maintaining the integrity of your enterprise network. You will also learn how to deploy Service Packs to one or more machines. Finally, you will examine the components of site software licensing. Lessons in this :
Reading and Interpreting the Message Tracking Log
Lesson Review
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