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One Microsoft Way
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Using Wireless Networking
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Configuring BitLocker
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Tool Visual Studio Performance Wizard
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3. Because there is only one Internet connection, and each computer must have Internet access, you have decided to use ICS to share Internet access among the computers. The connection you have been provided requires that the computer
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Using Exchange Management Shell to Filter Messages
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Supporting Internet Explorer in Windows XP
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Server core also supports these 11 optional features:
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HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop Menu speed MenuShowDelay REG_SZ 0 to 65534 Drag DragHeight REG_SZ 0 to N DragWidth HKCU\Control Panel\Mouse Double click DoubleClickHeight REG_SZ 0 to N DoubleClickWidth
In the following case scenario, you apply what you ve learned about deploying and consolidating multiple instances. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book.
Existing Infrastructure
Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) is the least secure of all the authentication methods you can use in your remote access design because it uses plain-text passwords instead of encryption. Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) provides the highest level of authentica tion security through the use of smart card certificates and mutual authentication.
SELECT Title, HireDate FROM HumanResources.Employee WHERE EmployeeID = 222
BREAK is used in conjunction with a WHILE loop. If you need to terminate execution within a WHILE loop, you can use the BREAK statement to end the loop iteration. Once BREAK is executed, the next line of code following the WHILE loop is executed. CONTINUE is used within a WHILE loop to have the code continue to execute from the beginning of the loop.
Lesson 2: Reverting a Database from a Database Snapshot
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