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Correct Answers: A and C A. Correct: Normally, a roaming user profile includes My Documents, My Pictures, and other personal folders. When you use Group Policy to redirect these folders, users work on the data contained in them as if the folders were still on their workstations. Another benefit of this approach is that when a user logs off the network, these folders are not synchronized with the roaming user profile. Because user data can become quite large, this approach might save users considerable time when logging on and off of their computers. You can further enhance this solution by configuring Offline Files for these folders, allowing mobile users to transparently synchronize the network-based folders with a locally cached copy of the files. When users are working from their computer while disconnected from the network, they can continue to work with the locally cached copies of their files. Changes are automatically resynchronized with the network copies the next time they connect their system to the network. B. Incorrect: The ClipBook service is for sharing documents copied to the Clipboard with other users via the network. The ClipBook service does not play a role in managing user profiles or folder redirection. C. Correct: When a user s account is set up to use a roaming user profile, that user s profile is stored on the network. When the user logs on to a computer, the user profile is cached to the local system. Any changes to the profile are written to the cached copy. When the user logs off the network, the changes in the cached copy are written back to the network copy. When a user logs on to a computer that has been disconnected from the network, the locally cached copy of the user profile is loaded transparently unless mandatory roaming profiles have been employed. D. Incorrect: The Accessibility Options program is for configuring keyboard, mouse, sound, and display settings to help people with mobility, vision, or hearing disabilities. The Accessibility Options program does not play a role in managing user profiles or folder redirection. E. Incorrect: Windows Explorer is not used to manage user profiles or folder redirection.
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To help you successfully master the exam objectives presented in this chapter, complete the following practice tasks:
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Lesson 2: Optimizing a Database Change Control Strategy to Meet Business Requirements
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1. Correct Answer: A A. Correct: An in-place upgrade is installing SQL Server 2005 on top of the current installation. B. Incorrect: SQL Server does not allow the sharing of databases between an older version and a newer version of SQL Server. C. Incorrect: This is a side-by-side installation. D. Incorrect: This is a side-by-side installation. 2. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: This type of data movement does not require the source database to be clear of users. B. Correct: This type of data movement requires the source database to be clear of users. C. Incorrect: This type of data movement does not require the source database to be clear of users. D. Incorrect: This type of data movement does not require the source database to be clear of users. 3. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: Successful upgrades often depend heavily on checklists that remind you of all the tasks that must be performed before, during, and after the upgrade. B. Incorrect: You need to plan for the additional disk space required for copies of your database files, the files you will upgrade, and the final files needed by the upgraded databases. This often means that you need two to four times the amount of disk space during the upgrade as you will need after the upgrade is finished. C. Incorrect: The upgrade process will stop and start the SQL Server service several times during the upgrade process, and you do not want the startup stored procedures firing multiple times during the upgrade. D. Correct: You should allow the system databases to autogrow during the upgrade process and make sure they have enough space for this growth.
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You may also enable auditing for one or more computers using Active Directory Group Policy Objects (GPOs). The Audit Policy node is located under Computer Configuration, Windows Settings, Security Settings, Local Policies, Audit Policy. Like all group policies, the computers that are affected by the policy will be those contained within the scope of the policy. If you link a policy to the Servers OU and enable auditing, all computers objects in the Servers OU will begin to audit resource access according to audit entries on files and folders on those systems.
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msg.Formatter = New BinaryMessageFormatter()
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The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
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We recommend that you use an isolated network that is not part of your production network to do the practice exercises in this book. You need a two-station network that you can implement either by using two computers connected by a crossover network cable or by using a single computer running virtual machine software.
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Use the Quota Entries dialog box to view quota information for users.
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Each object in the directory has a distinguished name (DN) that is globally unique and identifies not only the object itself, but also where the object resides in the overall object hierarchy. You can think of the distinguished name as the relative distinguished name of an object concatenated with the relative distinguished names of all parent con tainers that make up the path to the object. An example of a typical distinguished name would be: CN=wjglenn,CN=Users,DC=contoso,DC=com. This distinguished name would indicate that the user object wjglenn is in the Users container, which in turn is located in the contoso.com domain. If the wjglenn object is moved to another container, its DN will change to reflect its new position in the hier archy. Distinguished names are guaranteed to be unique in the forest, similar to the way that a fully qualified domain name uniquely identifies an object s placement in a DNS hierarchy. You cannot have two objects with the same distinguished name.
Correct Answers: E A. Incorrect: The edge firewall template is used for ISA Server computers that are connected directly to the Internet. This template is inappropriate if a firewall exists between the deployed ISA Server computer and the Internet. B. Incorrect: The 3-Leg perimeter template is appropriate when you wish to connect your internal network to the Internet, protect it from intruders, and publish services to the Internet from a perimeter network (also known as a demilitarized zone, or DMZ). This template is inappropriate if a firewall exists between the deployed ISA Server computer and the Internet. C. Incorrect: When using this template, ISA Server is configured as the front-line defense in a back-to-back perimeter network configuration. This template is inappropriate if a firewall exists between the deployed ISA Server and the Internet. D. Incorrect: When using this template, ISA Server is able to function only in a Web proxying, caching, Web publishing, and Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) publishing role. When so configured, ISA Server cannot function as a firewall, which is what the question specifies. E. Correct: When using this template, ISA Server functions as the back-line defense in a back-to-back perimeter network configuration. This option should be used when there is an existing firewall and you want to configure a perimeter network between the existing firewall and the newly deployed ISA Server firewall.
By default, caching is disabled on ISA Server 2004. The only way to configure caching for one Web site so that it is different from other Web sites is to create a cache rule for the Web site. The default cache rule is applied to all Web sites that are not specified in another cache rule. ISA Server does not cache all content. For example, dynamic content, SSL encrypted content or content that requires authentication may not be cached. You can modify how ISA Server caches all of these types of content. You can use ISA Server logging or the Performance MMC to monitor ISA Server caching. Use these tools to optimize and troubleshoot caching. Content download jobs are used to retrieve Web content in advance. If content download jobs do not work as expected, check when the job is scheduled to run, and check the job configuration to ensure that it is downloading and caching the expected content.
Figure 8-9 shows a sample of the sys.dm_fts_parser DMF. The result set includes matches for inflectional forms of the verb read.
Table 4-9
Compare this XML structure with the previous structures shown for FOR XML RAW, FOR XML AUTO, and FOR XML PATH. This is a much more intuitive and rich structure.
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