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As you work through these questions with an end user, document the answers carefully, listen to everything the user has to say, be polite and professional, and make notes of possible solutions as you think of them. If necessary, leave the situation for a few minutes to digest the information, and check company documentation, online help and support, or other resources for answers.
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Figure 13-2
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Even though you might need to set references to both RMO assemblies, you will only reference one namespace in your code, Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication. You will need to establish a connection with SQL Server, so you will also add a reference to the Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo assembly and add a directive to the Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common namespace in your code. The code reference would look like the following:
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UAC is an exceptionally important new feature of Windows Vista. The 70-620 examination is likely to test UAC and, in particular, UAC policy settings extensively. Make sure that you are thoroughly familiar with these settings.
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If the Foo section or value was missing, the C# code, for example, would generate the dialog box shown in Figure 10-6.
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Designing the Remote Access Infrastructure
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Analyzing Queries
If a computer does not boot directly into the Windows Vista installation routine, you might need to alter the BIOS settings. Prior to installation, you should ensure that you have your 25-character product key, have determined what antivirus solution you will implement, have chosen a computer name, and have chosen a user account name and password for the computer. Windows Vista allows you a 30-day activation grace period after the completion of the installation process. The unique 25-character product key ties you to a specific edition of Windows Vista. If you install an SKU of Windows Vista higher than the one you purchased, you will have to purchase the higher version or reinstall from scratch. If the disk that you want to install Windows Vista on is not visible during the installation process, you will have to install the correct driver. The user account that you create during the installation process will be the default administrator account for the Windows Vista computer. The default built-in administrator account is disabled in Windows Vista. Unless you have a special network configuration, you should use the recommended settings when Windows Vista asks whether you want to download and install updates.
Looking Within Frames
Language coverage
Which services must be running to share a printer on a network and allow network users to print Choose two correct answers. A. Computer Browser B. Net Logon C. Network Connections D. Print Spooler E. Server F. Workstation
The .NET Framework offers applications a way to discover SQL Server instances on a network so your programs can process this information when necessary. To retrieve the list of available SQL Servers, use the Instance property of the SqlDataSourceEnumerator class and call the GetDataSources method. The GetDataSources method returns a DataTable that contains information for each SQL server that is visible on the network. The returned data table contains the columns listed in Table 5-11.
To display the Display Properties dialog box
Patches the information store after a restore from an offline backup Tests and optionally fixes errors in the information store
Windows server WDS is a role included in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008. You must therefore have a server on your network running one of these operating systems, on which you have installed the Windows Deployment Services role.
These questions are also available on the companion CD-ROM as a practice test.
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