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1. Insert the Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM. 2. Click Start, Run, and then type the following command in the Open box:
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This chapter reviews the steps necessary to create a Web service application in Microsoft Visual Studio. You will learn how to create and configure a Web application using the WebService declaration. You will also learn how to create and configure a public method by attaching the WebMethod attribute. Finally, you will learn how to test and deploy a Web service application by copying files to a Web server.
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BIDS Design Modes
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G07TB07 Taskbar toolbars enable WMP
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Here's an overview of how Windows XP creates and uses a roaming user profile for users the first time they log on to their computers: 1. The user logs on to Windows XP. 2. Windows XP checks the list of user profiles in the key ProfileList to determine if a local profile exists for the user. If an entry exists, the operating system merges the network copy of the profile into the local profile folder; otherwise, the operating system does one of the following: Windows XP checks the NETLOGON share on the domain controller for the Default User folder. If it exists, the operating system copies the Default User folder to %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Documents and Settings\ Username, where Username is the name of the user's account. If Windows XP doesn't find a default user profile on the NETLOGON share, it copies %SYSTEMDRIVE\Documents and Settings\Default User to %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Documents and Settings\Username. 3. Windows XP loads the profile hive Ntuser.dat into HKU and links the root key HKCU to it. When users log off of Windows XP, the operating system saves their changes to the local profile folders and then unloads the profile hives from HKU. Afterward, the operating system copies their profile folders to the network location specified by the administrator. If the profile folder already exists on the network, the operating system merges the local copy into the network copy. For more information, see "Understanding the New Merge," later in this chapter. Note There are two differences between roaming and mandatory user profiles. First you create the mandatory profile and copy it to the user's profile folder instead of allowing Windows XP to create it when the user logs on to the computer. Second you rename the Ntuser.dat to Windows XP uses the .manfile extension to make the profile mandatory. Windows XP doesn't merge mandatory user profiles to the network when the user logs off of the computer.
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discovered by SCCM. Therefore, you must add it to the site database manually.
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C. Correct: This solution flushes the DNS cache of whatever PC you are logged on to: client or server. D. Incorrect: This approach does not flush the cache. It removes resource records that have timed out.
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Implementing Code Access Security
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You use the value() method to execute an XQUERY or an XPATH expression over the XML structure contained inside a column, parameters, or variables of type XML. The difference is that the value() method must return a scalar value. The resulting value of the value method is then converted to a Transact-SQL type. Developers must be careful to write the XQUERY/XPATH expression correctly for it to return a single value. Examples of scalar values in XPATH could be the result of executing a count() function or a predicate specified in an expression to return a single result. The following example is based on the same query shown in the last code example. It returns the value of the name attribute in a Department element and an id attribute with a value of 5 ( Purchasing ); the result is converted to a Transact-SQL nvarchar(max) data type:
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After this lesson, you will be able to:
The second method the IClientMessageInspector interface includes is named AfterReceiveReply. It is invoked after the response comes back from the service.
The basic syntax for configuring the recovery model using ALTER DATABASE is as follows:
Yes; no
Prevent inheritance
fully qualified domain name (FQDN) A name used to identify an entity on the Internet and part of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). For example, is a fully qualified domain name. gateway address A network point that allows access into and out of a network. Gateways can be routers, firewalls, or proxy servers; gateways decide if a data packet belongs on the local network or on a remote one.
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