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Multithreaded access
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Capture frames directly from the network
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Real World
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Web Services Enhancements 3.0 in Client and Server Applications
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The policy InstallAlwaysElevated installs Windows Installer based applications with elevated privileges. Microsoft documentation often calls this a privileged installation. This policy is one way to enable users to install applications that they couldn't otherwise install because they're in restricted groups or you've locked down the desktops in your enterprise. A better way is to deploy those applications through Active Directory or by using something like SMS (Microsoft Systems Management Server). If neither product is available to you, consider using this policy, but keep in mind that the consequences of doing so can be severe. These consequences are due to the fact that users can take advantage of this policy to gain full control of their computers. Potentially, users could permanently change their privileges and circumvent your ability to manage their accounts and computers. In addition, this policy opens the door to viruses disguised as Windows Installer package files. For these reasons, this isn't a setting that I recommend in any but the most dire situations in which there's no method available other than tossing users in the local Administrators group. For this policy to be effective, you must enable both the per computer and per user versions of it at the same time. In other words, enable it in Computer Configuration as well as User Configuration. TipDeploying applications to locked down desktops is a common and sticky scenario. Using the AlwaysInstallElevated policy isn't the best solution, either. Other than the typical fare, such as Active Directory and SMS, elegant solutions do exist for this problem. 7, "Managing Registry Security," describes many of them, including using Security Templates and Security 246
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A. Specifies that the Human Resources public folder replicates only on Saturday and Sunday. B. Specifies that the Human Resources public folder replicates only on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. C. Specifies that the Human Resources public folder replicates only on Sunday. D. Specifies that the Human Resources public folder always uses the default replication schedule of the public folder database. 5. You are unable to create public folders because there is no public folder database. You open Exchange Management Console and start the New Database Wizard. You specify the name of the database as MyDatabase and click New on the Configuration page and Finish on the Completion page to create the database and close the wizard. You still cannot create public folders. Why not A. You cannot use MyDatabase as a database name. The name needs to be First <servername> Database where <servername> is the name of the Exchange Server 2007 server on which you are creating the database. B. You have not mounted the database. C. You cannot create a public folder database by using Exchange Management Console. You need to use Exchange Management Shell. D. You need to restart the Exchange Server 2007 server to create the database. 6. You want to get mail-related information about the mail-enabled public folders Management and Management Reports. Management is a top-level folder, and Management Reports is a child of Management. You want to use a single command to do this. What command do you use A. Get-MailPublicFolder Management -Recurse B. Get-MailPublicFolder Filter { (Name -eq Management ) or (Name eq Management Reports ) } C. Get-PublicFolder Management -Recurse D. Get-PublicFolder Management -GetChildren code 39 generator code
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Lesson 1
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We used to work on an online banking application that had outages on a fre quent basis because of a variety of factors. One day, we had an outage that could not be recovered using our normal processes. We discovered that a table in our database had become corrupted. It wasn t as simple as an index, so we couldn t fix the problem by dropping and re-creating the index. Because the corruption occurred in our payments table, we were completely offline. We opened the standard call bridge with the people needing to be involved and kept updated on the status. After more than an hour of working on the problem, we were left with one basic solution: to restore the database. However, not only was it going to take several hours to restore the database and all logs but addi tional time was also needed to request the backup tapes, load them, and perform all the other processes going on. By this time, there must have been 60 people sitting on our call bridge wanting to know what was going on. In the middle of all the side conversations that were occurring, two of the busi ness people were having a side conversation about the data. We knew that the payments table contained all the online payments that customers had sched uled. The critical fact we didn t know is that if a customer called to say that one of the payments was late, the bank refunded any late payment fees the customer incurred. Further, the people carrying on this side of the conversation also explained that more than 90 percent of the data we were storing in that table had already been processed.
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Configuring Virtual Private Networks for Remote Clients and Networks
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Table 6-6
See high availability.
Error messages from check constraints are system-generated and cannot be replaced by a more user-friendly error message. A check constraint cannot see the previous value of a column. This means that it cannot be used for some types of data integrity rules, such as Updates to the price column cannot increase or decrease the price by more than ten percent.
Number of waits on this wait type. SQL Server increments this counter at the start of each wait.
During a reversion, the snapshot and source databases are unavailable. If an error occurs during a reversion, the revert operation attempts to complete when the database restarts. Although you cannot restore the original log to roll forward, you should back it up prior to reverting a snapshot as a guide to reconstructing lost data. Because reverting breaks the log backup chain, you must take a full database or file backup before log backups can resume.
tabLe 7-6 BIDS Build Files
Configuring Network and Internet Connections
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Rijndael A symmetric encryption algorithm that uses key sizes of 128 through 256
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