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In this practice session, you recover the previous version of a file you have renamed. You can use the same procedure to recover the previous version of a file you have deleted. You also create a Complete PC Backup. To carry out the second procedure, as written, you need a DVD-RW drive (internal or external) connected to your computer. However, if you prefer, you can create the backup on an external hard disk or on a second internal hard disk. Practice 1: Recovering a Deleted or Renamed File In this practice, you select a file that has a number of previous versions and rename it. You then discover that you need to recover an older version of the file. You recover the previous version with its original filename. You do not need to elevate privileges to complete this practice, and the procedure, as written, asks you to log on by using a standard account. However, if you want to, you can complete the practice logged on with an administrator account, such as the Kim_Ackers account that you created when you installed Windows Vista. The procedure asks you to find a file (for example, a Microsoft Word document or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) that has a number of previous versions. Hopefully, several such files exist on the computer. If not, you will need to create a file, perform a backup, edit the file, perform another backup, and create a restore point. The procedures for performing manual backups and manually creating a restore point were described earlier in this lesson. The figures in the practice show a file called Backup and restore.doc being used for this purpose. To recover a previous copy of a renamed file, follow these steps: 1. If necessary, log on by using a standard account for example, the parent_standard account you created in 4, Configuring and Troubleshooting Internet Access. 2. Open Windows Explorer by double-clicking My Computer on the Start menu. 3. Navigate to a folder in which you store personal files. 4. Open the folder, and right-click a file that you amend regularly. Select Restore Previous Versions. 5. Check that previous copies of the file exist, as shown in Figure 12-31.
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Failover Clustering
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In addition to displaying these four graphs, the Performance tab also displays the fol lowing sections:
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When you back up an Exchange database by using the ESE streaming backup APIs or a VSS-based solution, the database must be online. Although you can back up an offline database manually, manual checksum verif ication is then required. In addition, taking a database offline to perform a backup results in an interruption of service to clients.
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3. In the main code body, create a new AssemblyName object and assign a name and a new version. 4. Create a new AppDomain variable, and store the current AppDomain in it. 5. Create a new AssemblyBuilder object by calling the AppDomain s DefineDynamicAssembly method, specifying the AssemblyName from step 3 and that this assembly will be used only for reflection. 6. Define a new ModuleBuilder object from the AssemblyBuilder created in step 5. 7. Next, define a new TypeBuilder using the ModuleBuilder object from step 6. 8. Finally, use the TypeBuilder to create a Type object of the newly created type and iterate through all the members of the new type to see what methods, properties, events, and fields are on the newly created type. Your code might look something like this:
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(Microsoft Press, 2003), Mike Meyers MCSA Managing a
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// C# // Display a dialog to respond to the error DialogResult response = MessageBox.Show
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Lesson 1: Managing Index Fragmentation
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The first part of the script uses the following two main stored procedures to create the log shipping configuration:
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In the Scheduled Job Options dialog box, enter a job name and click Properties. The Schedule Job dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 7-7. Configure the job date, time, and frequency. The Advanced button will let you configure additional schedule set tings including a date range for the job. The Settings tab of the Schedule Job dialog box allows you to refine the job, for example, by specifying that the job should only take place if the machine has been idle for a period of time.
For details about all the practice test options available, see the How to Use the Practice Tests sec tion in this book s Introduction.
Your company has an in-house application the customer service representatives (CSRs) in your call center use to capture possibe sales leads when on the phone with customers. It s a client/server application with a Windows Forms (rich client) front end and a database backend. The situation works up to a point, in that the CSRs are happy with the application. However, you have a Java-based Web application that enables users to request brochures on your products, which amounts to a lead that is not currently being captured in your leads database. The Java-based Web application is not in-house, but the vendors are willing to work with you to integrate their site with your system. Answer the following questions for your manager: 1. How will the leads from the Web application be consolidated best in the database used by your client/server application 2. Is your solution future-proofed That is, how well will it fare when you need to design a new leads client because the sales representatives are unable to access their leads when they are on the road with only their mobile devices. 3. Knowing your internal customers as you do, you know that what constitutes a lead in your solution will evolve over time. What is the best way to make certain that the data captured as a lead will support future changes
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Suggested Practices
Lesson 1: Understanding the Windows 7 Deployment Process
Configure Mobility Options This practice requires that you have both computer Canberra and computer Aberdeen available and able to connect to each other. You configured computer Aberdeen for the practice exercises in several previous chapters. In this practice, you explore offline files functionality and resolve an offline files conflict.
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