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I/O Adjustments for RAID types
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if (components != null)
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Managing Network Connections
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1. Open Active Directory Users And Computers. 2. Select the domain node, contoso.com. 3. From the Action menu, choose Properties. 4. On the Group Policy tab, select Default Domain Policy and then click Edit. 5. Navigate to Computer Configuration, Windows Settings, Security Settings, Account Policies, and, finally, Account Lockout Policy. 6. Double-click the Account Lockout Duration policy. 7. Select the Define This Policy Setting check box. 8. Type 0 for the duration, and then click Apply. The system will prompt you that it will configure the account lockout threshold and reset counter policies. Click OK. 9. Click OK to confirm the settings, and then click OK to close the Policy dialog box. 10. Confirm that the Account Lockout Duration policy is zero, the threshold is 5, and the reset counter policy is 30 minutes. 11. Close the Group Policy Object Editor window. 12. Click OK to close the Properties dialog box for the contoso.com domain. 13. Select the Domain Controllers container, under the domain node. 14. From the Action menu, click Properties.
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' Checks to see of the data in the data object is text. If it is,
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Table 3-14 Important Properties of the MonthCalendar Control
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To obtain the Account Lockout and Management tools, go to http://www.microsoft.com/Downloads /details.aspx FamilyID=7af2e69c-91f3-4e63-8629-b999adde0b9e&displaylang=en.
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Quick Check Answer
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Overview of Basic Troubleshooting
Practice: Installing a Configuration Storage Server
FETCH curproducts INTO @ProductID, @ProductName, @ListPrice
Figure 7-9
The Ping.exe tool tests one computer's connectivity with another.
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