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By default, each package has its package configurations turned off. To work with configurations, you use the Package Configurations Organizer, which lets you perform the following tasks:
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It is a common misconception that SQL Server escalates locks from a row level to a page level and finally to a table level. However, lock escalation has exactly two paths. SQL Server escalates rowlevel locks to table-level locks, and it escalates page-level locks to table-level locks.
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Hub Transport server general properties
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How to Enable ICMP Exceptions To enable a global ICMP exception for all connections on a computer, use these steps: 1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. 2. In Control Panel (in Category View), click Network And Internet Connections. 3. In the Network And Internet Connections window, click Windows Firewall. 4. In the Windows Firewall dialog box, click the Advanced tab. 5. In the ICMP section, click Settings. 6. In the ICMP Settings dialog box, select the check boxes for the exceptions you want to enable. 7. Click OK to close the ICMP Settings dialog box. Click OK again to close the Windows Firewall dialog box. To enable an ICMP exception for a network connection, use these steps: 1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. 2. In Control Panel (in Category View), click Network And Internet Connections.
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Sales Printer
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The preceding example is just one way to create a remote object, and how an object is created isn t really important to knowing how to invoke methods off of it. After the remote object is created, calls to its methods are identical, irrespective of how the object is instantiated (client-activated or server-activated instantiation). Hence, as far as the actual method call is concerned, there is no syntactical difference between local and remote calls. Although syntactically remote method calls might look no different from their nonre mote counterparts, operationally and architecturally they are very different. Accord ingly, there is an issue with the preceding code that the developer should be aware of. Notice that there is a call to both the FirstName method and the LastName method. As you might now realize, these calls, even if combined on one line as they are in this example, require two trips to the server. This fact greatly complicates traditional object-oriented usage because now referencing these two methods is not necessarily a trivial endeavor. The following issues arise here:
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Figure 3-28: Configuring the size of the VHD 5. Click Add, click General, and click Set Task Sequence Variable. Name the variable Set Up VHD. Insert the Run Command Line step cscript.exe "%SCRIPTROOT%\ZTIDiskPartVHD .wsf", as shown in Figure 3-29.
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Windows XP Service Pack 2 An update that includes all the critical updates released for Windows XP to date. In addition, Service Pack 2 includes a large number of new enhancements to Windows XP enhancements aimed at increasing the default level of security for the operating system. workgroup A group of computers that consists of a number of peer-based computers, each of which maintains its own security. data matrix generator
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Advanced Query Topics
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Uses existing phone line Widely available Emerging technology
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After this lesson, you will be able to:
c. User Account Control: Detect Application Installations And Prompt For Elevation. D. User Account Control: Run All Administrators In Admin Approval Mode.
High Availability and Exchange Management Shell
It is no longer recommended to implement a dedicated forest root domain for most enterprises. A single-domain forest is the most common design recommendation. There is no single design that is appropriate for every organization, so you must examine the characteristics of your enterprise against the design criteria presented later in this lesson.
Description Time separator. Represents a time separator. The actual charac ter used will be the time separator character that is set by the control s FormatProvider. Date separator. Represents a date separator. The actual character used will be the date separator that is set by the control s FormatProvider. Currency symbol. Represents a currency symbol. The actual character used will be the currency symbol that is set by the con trol s FormatProvider. Shift down. Converts all following characters to lowercase.
<endpoint address="net.tcp://localhost:8240/DemoService" binding="netTcpBinding" bindingConfiguration="TcpICalculate" contract="DemoService.ICalculate" name="TcpICalculate" />
Purpose Gives the authority to create any table in the database. Gives the authority to change the structure of any table in the database. Allows rows to be retrieved from the specified table. Allows rows to be inserted in a specified table. Requires the SELECT permission to be granted as well. Allows rows to be modified in a specified table. Requires the SELECT permission to be granted as well. Allows rows to be deleted from a specified table. Requires the SELECT permission to be granted as well. Used with foreign key constraints; to be discussed in the next lesson.
Changing the Location of Protocol Log Files
A process that uses row-versioning technology to enable you to build an index while read and write operations are occurring in the underlying table. This feature is available only in SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition. A configuration that governs how a database mirroring session synchronizes transactions and which failover options are available. You can choose from three operating modes: High Availability, High Performance, or High Protection. nisms and parameters required to send a message to a person or group of people.
You are a technical support administrator at Proseware, Inc., which supports end users of video games. Proseware also runs online servers for its multiplayer games. You have been asked to divide support into three categories: help desk, administrator, and engi neer. You have been told that the help desk will handle questions client-side concern ing configuration issues within the game. Administrators will handle configuration problems that the help desk fails to solve and will handle all operating system and hardware issues. The engineer group will handle any technical problems that occur on the server. Group the following list of tasks according to which support tier you think would han dle them. Tiers include: Tier 1-Help Desk; Tier 2-Administrator; and Tier 3-Engineer.
Correct Answers: D A. Incorrect: The internal IP addresses should be private addresses. The IP addresses configured on the internal interfaces are private ( through The problem here is that the external interface also has a private IP address. It should have a public IP address that is assigned by the ISP. B. Incorrect: The external IP address must be a public IP address. is not allowable as a host IP address. It is a subnet mask. C. Incorrect: The internal IP addresses are private addresses, and the IP address can be assigned to any host. The problem here is that the external interface also has a private IP address. It should have a public IP address that is assigned by the ISP. D. Correct: The problem here is that the external interface also has a private IP address. It should have a public IP address that is assigned by the ISP.
Asynchronous programming is simply allowing some portions of code to be executed on separate threads. This is referred to as the Asynchronous Programming Model (APM). Throughout the .NET Framework, many classes support using the APM by supplying BeginXXX and EndXXX versions of methods. For example, the FileStream class has a Read method that reads data from the stream. To support the APM model, it also supports BeginRead and EndRead methods. This pattern of using BeginXXX and EndXXX methods allows you to execute methods asynchronously, as shown in the following example:
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