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Integrating QR in C# Lesson 4

Lesson 1: Working with XML Structures
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// Perform super-secret mathematical calculations answerLabel.Text = multiply(int.Parse(integer1.Text), int.Parse(integer2.Text)).ToString(); } catch (System.Security.SecurityException ex) { // Display message box explaining access denial MessageBox.Show( You have been denied access. ); // TODO: Log error }
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Table 1-6
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Lesson 2: Using Declarative Security to Protect Assemblies
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kernel The part of the executive (or operating system) that manages the processor. The kernel performs thread scheduling and dispatching, interrupt and exception handling, and multiprocessor synchronization.
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Table 2-2
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/*** Scripting replication configuration for server COMPUTERNAME. ***/ /*** Please Note: For security reasons, all password parameters were scripted with either NULL or an empty string. ***/ /*** Installing the server COMPUTERNAME as a Distributor. ***/
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You can modify the timeout and default parameter values in the BOOT.INI file using the Startup And Recovery dialog box (which you can open from the Advanced tab of the System Properties dialog box). In addition, you can manually edit these and other parameter values in the BOOT.INI file. For example, you might modify the BOOT.INI file to add more descriptive entries for the Boot Loader Operating System Selection menu or to include various switches to aid in troubleshooting the boot process. During Windows XP Professional installation, Windows Setup sets the read-only and system attributes for the BOOT.INI file. Before editing the BOOT.INI file with a text editor, you must make the file visible and turn off the read-only attribute. You can change file attributes using My Computer, Windows Explorer, or the command prompt. To change file attributes by using My Computer or Windows Explorer, complete the following steps: 1. From the Start menu, click My Computer. 2. In the My Computer window, double-click the icon for the drive containing the BOOT.INI file. 3. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options. 4. In the Folder Options dialog box, on the View tab, click Show Hidden Files And Folders. Clear the Hide Protected Operating System Files check box and click Yes when prompted. Click OK. 5. Click Show The Contents Of This Drive. In the window showing the contents of the drive, right-click the file named BOOT, and then click Properties. 6. On the General tab, under Attributes, clear the Read-Only check box, and then click OK. To change file attributes using the command prompt, switch to the directory containing the BOOT.INI file if necessary, and then type
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Advanced DNS server properties refer to the nine settings that can be configured on the Advanced tab of the DNS server properties dialog box. These properties relate to server-specific features such recursion, round robin, and netmask ordering.
You can use the $PARTITION function in a SELECT query to
Security Evaluation
The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
You will find sidebars like this one that contain related information you might find helpful. Real World sidebars contain specific information gained through the experience of the author and other developers on the job.
Tasks included in installing and
Modifying Network Security Settings
1. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: The Lightweight Transaction Manager is not able to coordinate a transaction that includes multiple durable resources (the two databases). B. Correct: The Distributed Transaction Coordinator is automatically enlisted when multiple SQL Server databases are in the same transaction. C. Incorrect: The Kernel Transaction Manager manages transactions associated with kernel mode or user mode resources, such as the file system. D. Incorrect: The Web Services Transaction Manager currently is just an Organization for the Advancement of Structure Information Standards (OASIS) standard. At the moment, no implementation is available as part of WCF. 2. Correct Answer: A A. Correct: The Lightweight Transaction Manager is capable of mediating a transaction across a WCF call and a durable resource. B. Incorrect: Although the DTC is capable of handling the transaction, the LTM will not promote to the DTC based on the criteria given. C. Incorrect: The Kernel Transaction Manager manages transactions associated with kernel mode or user mode resources such as the file system. D. Incorrect: The Web Services Transaction Manager currently is just an OASIS standard. At the moment, there is no implementation available as part of WCF.
Table 5-3 describes each segment.
B. Incorrect: If both computers are configured to use NAT relationships rather than route relationships, a connection cannot be established. Connections can only be established when the relationship is route-route, route-NAT, or NAT-route. C. Correct: Fragment filtering adversely affects the certificate-exchange process and must be disabled on the ISA Server 2004 computers for L2TP-over-IPSec VPN connections to be established. D. Incorrect: Setting this option, which is not enabled by default, is likely to cause problems rather than resolve them. If there is a problem with the certificateexchange process, it is unlikely that it is because certificates are not being checked for validity. This option can be configured by selecting the Specify Certificate Revocation option in the General node.
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