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The ability to return result sets from triggers will be removed in a future version of SQL Server. Triggers that return result sets might cause unexpected behavior in applications that are not designed to work with them. Avoid returning result sets from triggers in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently do this. To prevent triggers from returning result sets in SQL Server 2005, use the sp_configure system stored procedure to set the Disallow Results From Triggers option to 1. The default setting of this option will be 1 in a future version of SQL Server.
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Recovering Server Roles and Configuring High Availability
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Exercise 2: Create an Excel Macro
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User Environments (4.0)
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Lesson 1: Creating SSRS Projects and Reports in BIDS
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Some of the Advanced options of Internet Explorer restrict what users can and cannot see on a Web page. These settings are often configured to speed up access to a page by not playing videos or showing pictures when the site is loaded, and sound can be disabled as well. If a user reports problems that are associated with sound, video, or pictures, check the advanced options first by following these steps: 1. Open Internet Explorer, and from the Tools menu, select Internet Options. 2. Click the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Multimedia section.
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On the Start menu, click Network Connections. (If the Network Connections folder is not displayed on the Start menu, see 4, Supporting the Windows Desktop, for more information).
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Default Components of Terminal Server and Remote Desktop
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Use visual styles on windows and buttons
2. Create three simple questions you could ask an end user who is having a problem accessing data on the network server, which would, in turn, provide answers to common connectivity problems. Explain what each solution might uncover. For instance, a yes answer to the question, Has the computer been moved or bumped recently could indicate that a network card is loose inside the computer. Answers to this question may vary, but following are three typical questions you could ask.
1. Your organization has over 350 users that are running Windows 98 and Windows NT Workstation operating systems. Users are constantly relocating to different locations throughout the company, requiring you to update host records in DNS. In designing your network strategy, which feature of DNS would lessen the administrative work of creating and updating these records
Working with the AD DS Database
Network Counters Network counters report data from the network interface cards (NICs) installed in the computer, and from the segment on which the NICs communi cate. The following counters are useful in measuring the performance of a computer on the network:
If you use a variable to set the simple term of the query, use a variable of data type nvarchar, not of data type varchar. If you use the varchar data type, SQL Server must perform an implicit conversion. Conversions limit query optimization techniques.
1. In Disk Management, right-click the free space in the extended partition where you want to create the logical drive and select Create Logical Drive. 2. On the Welcome page for the Create Partition Wizard, click Next. 3. On the Select Partition Type page, choose Logical Drive and click Next. 4. On the Specify Partition Size page, enter the amount of disk space in MB that you want to use for this logical drive and click Next. 5. On the Assign Drive Letter Or Path page, choose an available drive letter and click Next. 6. On the Format Partition page, choose Format This Partition, select a file system, and then assign a volume label. Click Next. 7. On the completion page, click Finish to create and format the logical drive. Figure 8-4 shows an extended partition on Disk 1, containing a 502-MB logical drive, and 612 MB of remaining free space.
15. Locate and double-click the following file on the Supplemental Course Materials CD-ROM: 6/Ch6b.bat. The batch file is executed, restoring the correct DNS settings. (The batch file will not alter the correct DNS settings if they are already configured.) 16. Using Internet Explorer, verify that you can once again connect to Internet resources specified by DNS name. 17. Log off both Computer1 and Computer2.
figURE 3-3 Operating systems added to a deployment share
Although you want to inform end users of places to obtain information, you don t want them finding a solution on TechNet that requires them to access the registry, change BIOS settings, or perform other potentially dangerous actions. Ensure that end users understand the potential risk of working outside their area of expertise, and verify that they are working only with the Help And Support Center and company-approved documents.
Do You Want To Print A Test Page Finish
Create, Add, Delete, and Edit Data in a Disconnected Environment
Name = FillRecordSetButton Text = Fill Recordset
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