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You use the auditSystem pass to process unattended Windows setup settings in audit mode.
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Table 6-2
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Any INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE operations cause SQL Server to check foreign key constraints. INSERT and UPDATE operations cause SQL Server to check the parent table to ensure that a reference value for the foreign key exists. DELETE operations cause SQL Server to check all child tables to make sure that you are not attempting to remove a referenced value from the table. If the replication engine applies the change, it is not necessary to perform these checks because SQL Server would have already validated the foreign key when the user issued the transaction. By adding the NOT FOR REPLICATION option to foreign key constraints, you direct SQL Server to bypass the foreign key checks when the replication engine is performing INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations. You use the NOT FOR REPLICATION option for foreign keys to prevent duplicate processing. You should always apply this option for all foreign keys on tables that are participating in replication.
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A threshold is a value for an operational parameter above or below which you need to be notified so that you can take the appropriate action. Typically, no definitive values exist for these thresholds. The values you specify depend on values you encounter when you monitor Exchange Server 2007 server operation during periods of low, average, and high activity. You need to create a series of baselines that help you determine normal operational parameter value ranges and determine thresholds that should trigger warnings and actions. Baselines also help you judge whether the load on your servers is increasing or the performance of these servers is diminishing over time. Exchange Server 2007 provides the Exchange Server Performance Monitor tool to enable you to monitor Exchange activity, establish baselines, set thresholds, and determine the action to be taken when a threshold level exceeds or falls below its specified value. You access this tool by opening Exchange Management Console, clicking Toolbox in the console tree, selecting Exchange Server Performance Monitor in the Result pane, and clicking Open Tool in the Actions pane. You can choose whether to monitor the counters on the Exchange Server 2007 server on which the tool is running or to connect to a remote Exchange Server 2007 server.
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Orin Thomas In the past, I have provided support to small and medium-sized businesses running earlier versions of Exchange and other mail servers. One problem anyone supporting small and medium-sized businesses has is that it is often necessary to deal with a mail server incorrectly configured by someone else. In many cases, I found two specific problems. The first is that the mail server had not been locked down and had been used as a mail relay for spam. The second was having to figure out which block list providers had put the mail server in the list of untrustworthy mail servers. Although blocking an open relay was a bit cumbersome with some older mail servers, the problem does not exist with Exchange Server 2007. Exchange Server 2007 will not relay mail by default, and you will not have to worry about it turning up on block lists unless users from within the organization are intentionally spamming. As for removing the server from a block list provider, often it was a matter of asking the administrators at organizations where local users were unable to send messages, which providers they were using, and proceeding from there. If the users at your organization have problems getting their e-mail received by only a particular organization, it is likely that some sort of block is in place that you will need to resolve.
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assigned to shared printers, not to users. Two shared printers print to the same print device, and the one with the higher priority gets to print first. Jobs sent to a printer with priority 99 will print more quickly than those sent with priority 1.
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You can use the StreamWriter to write text directly into your new file. This pattern is much like the pattern for reading a file. Also, as demonstrated earlier for reading, the File class supports creating a StreamWriter object directly with the CreateText method:
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if (m.TransactionId == transactiondId) { // message is part of read transaction // retrieve and remove from queue Message msg = queue.ReceiveByLookupId( MessageLookupAction.Current, m.LookupId, readTransaction); msg.Formatter = new BinaryMessageFormatter(); Console.WriteLine("Message received: {0}", msg.Body.ToString()); // Use the lines below to see behavior when // transaction fails. // if (msg.Body.ToString().Equals("Test 3")) // throw new Exception("Testing"); }
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Windows Explorer is the most common tool used to initiate management of resource access permissions, both on a local volume as well as on a remote server. Unlike shared folders, Windows Explorer can configure permissions locally and remotely.
You administer a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain. All client PCs are in a top-level OU called Clients, and all server PCs (apart from domain controllers) are in a top-level OU called Servers. The domain controllers are in their default OU. Secure Server (Require Security) default IPSec policy has been assigned to all servers (includ ing DCs). Client (Respond Only) default IPSec policy has been assigned to all clients. All client PCs are Windows 2000 Professional hosts. Management is concerned that the client computers in the Research department com municate unsecurely with each other and with other clients. Only four such machines exist. On one of them, you create a custom policy that requires secure communica tions. You export it to a file and import it into the other three client machines in the Research department. You assign the policy on all four machines. Subsequently, you use the IP Security Monitor console on one of the machines and find that no SAs are set up between the Research department hosts, or between these machines and clients in other departments. You capture traffic using Network Monitor and discover that unencrypted traffic is passing between the Research clients. What is your first step to solve the problem A. Change the authentication method on the custom policy to use a preshared key. B. Change the encryption algorithm from 3DES to DES. C. Create an OU. D. Move the Research department computer accounts into the Server OU.
query plan The portion of an execution plan that can be shared among many users. query plan cache A synonym for the procedure cache. Queue Reader Agent
Before You Begin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-2
' VB Dim itemToSerialize as Contact = PopulateContact() Dim serializer As New XmlSerializer(itemToSerialize.GetType()) Dim writer As TextWriter = New StreamWriter("demo.xml") serializer.Serialize(writer, itemToSerialize) writer.Close() WebBrowser1.Navigate(String.Format("file://{0}/demo.xml", Environment.CurrentDirectory))
8. Before starting on the code, add a couple of using/Imports statements at the top of the class module. Specifically, add statements for System.Configuration.Install, System.ComponentModel, and System.Diagnostics. 9. In order for a class to be recognized as an installer class, it needs to be public, derived from the Installer class, and marked with the RunInstaller attribute. The following is the class definition:
Figure 3 7: Backup Or Restore Wizard is the default user interface for Backup Utility. If you'd rather use the classic user interface, click Advanced Mode on the first page. Backup Utility doesn't back up and restore everything on the computer, by the way. The key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\BackupRestorecontains two interesting subkeys. The first subkey, FilesNotToBackup, contains a list of files and folders that Backup Utility skips. Each value contains a path to skip, and those values often contain wildcards. The second subkey, KeysNotToRestore, contains a list of keys not to restore to the computer. Likewise, each value contains a key to skip, and you see wildcards in many of the values. You'll find few surprises in either subkey. For example, Backup Utility doesn't back up System Restore's restore points because \System Volume Information \_restoreGUID\* is in FilesNotToBackup. It doesn't restore Plug and Play information, either, because CurrentControlSet\Enum\is in KeysNotToRestore.
The query log captures the query activity as users and applications interact with the server. To enable the query log in SSMS, right-click the Analysis Services server node, and then select Properties. Next, in the Analysis Server Properties dialog box, shown in Figure 8-20, set the QueryLog properties.
For more information about reference types, refer to Lesson 2.
Lesson Review
Firewalls are used to limit network traffic from one network to another. Firewalls use packet filters, stateful filters, application filters, and intrusion detection to distinguish network traffic that should be allowed from network traffic that should be blocked. Packet filters control access to the network by inspecting the packet network and transport layer information and allowing or denying the IP packets based on that inspection. Stateful filtering not only examines the packet header information, but examines the status of the packet as well. This check can be performed at both the transport and application layers. Application filtering enables the firewall to inspect the application data in a TCP/ IP packet for unacceptable commands and data. Application-layer filtering can be used to stop attacks from sources such as viruses and worms. An intrusion-detection system is located at the edge of a network or at different points in the network and inspects all traffic in and out of the network by identifying patterns that may indicate a network or system attack.
Supporting and Troubleshooting Hard Disks
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LinkDemand Causes the runtime to throw an exception if the immediate caller, but not callers higher in the stack, lack the specified permission. PermitOnly Instructs the runtime to reduce the method s access by removing all permissions except for the specified permission.
One way that ISA Server can secure Exchange Server is by providing enhanced options for filtering all SMTP messages sent from the Internet to the computers running Exchange Server. This lesson explains how to publish SMTP servers and how to configure SMTP filtering.
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