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Figure 2-13
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Xml.XmlElement anElement;
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End Try
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Table 4-1
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Practice: Configure Security Zones in Internet Explorer
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this case, because the restriction of Write permission derives from the share permission, not an NTFS permission. Once either Joe s user account or Finance global group share permission is raised, Joe will be able to write files to the Documents folder.
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Configure, Manage, and Troubleshoot Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance 26-33
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What Are Site-to-Site VPNs
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In fact, if you are troubleshooting a computer that will not start, you should try to replace these files before going to the trouble of restoring the system using a recovery disk. The system and software files are stored in %systemroot%\System32\config. A backup copy is stored in the %systemroot%\repair folder, and this backup is refreshed each time you back up the System State data on the computer. You can use the Recovery Console to replace the current version of each file with the backed up copy.
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Lesson 2: Resolving Issues with Handheld Devices. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-10
In this exercise, you verify the changes you made in Exercise 1, Adding Suffix Names
< xml version="1.0" >
Practice tests
// Method logic
You need separate SQL Server logins with the same name.
WCF provides a mechanism, compatible with WS-Addressing, to accommodate sophisticated routing and dispatching logic. The underlying idea is to supply additional information with each request. This information can then be used either by intermediate devices or by the endpoint service itself to determine routing or processing logic. One of the obvious questions about address headers is why you should bother. Wouldn t it be easier to just include the information that is used to determine routing or processing in the message body That way, the client proxy would be aware of it and simply include whatever additional details are needed. However, including this information in the contract doesn t allow for a number of common scenarios. Suppose, for example, the client doesn t have the necessary information. If the goal is to determine whether a premium or standard level of service should respond, why should the client be trusted to provide the answer Also, suppose the routing information is attached to the message by an intermediate process. Suppose further that an intermediary receives the request, adds the routing information, and then passes the request along. In both of these cases, including the message in the contract is not appropriate. The AddressHeader class (and the Headers property on the endpoint) are the exposed entry points to the WCF mechanism that was just described. An address header is created using the static CreateAddressHeader method on the AddressHeader class. This method takes two string parameters: the name of the header and the information to include in the header.
Lesson 1: Configuring Windows Update
As a desktop support technician (DST), you will be responsible for troubleshoot ing logon and resource access problems that are associated with local user accounts and security groups. This is particularly important for home and small network users because local accounts provide the primary means for securing resources on a computer in a workgroup setting. In a domain setting, you will not be responsible for creating and managing user accounts and groups, but you should understand how they work because you may be called on to help troubleshoot domain logon and resource access. This chapter covers supporting and troubleshooting local user accounts and security groups. It also covers troubleshooting common local and domain logon problems. Finally, this chapter covers working with local security settings and security policy on a computer running Microsoft Windows XP. Lessons in this :
Administering Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Lesson 2: Storing the Data
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