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What setting does the administrator need to change Choose the best answer. A. Change the computer s subnet mask to B. Change the computer s default gateway to C. Change the computer s IP address to D. Set both of the router s IP addresses to
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In this practice, you will create a Windows Forms application that encrypts and decrypts files by using asymmetric encryption. Read the scenario and then complete the exercise that follows. If you are unable to answer a question, review the lesson and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter.
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Suggested Practices
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You are configuring share permissions for a shared folder on a file server. You want all
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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
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On the title bar of the My Network Places window, click the Close button.
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_roles = new string[roles.Length]; roles.CopyTo(_roles, 0); Array.Sort(_roles); } public IIdentity Identity { get { return _identity; } } public bool IsInRole(string role) { return Array.BinarySearch(_roles, role) >= 0 true : false; } }
The second phase in the process has two possible paths. If all the transaction managers return a Success message, the transaction coordinator sends out a Commit request to all the transaction managers. Upon receipt of this message, the transaction manager performs a commit on the updates and returns an acknowledgement to the coordinator. When the coordinator has received all the acknowledgements, the transaction is considered complete. The second possible path occurs if any of the transaction managers returned a Failure message in the Prepare phase. A single failure means that all the updates should be rolled back, so the transaction coordinator sends out an Abort request to the transaction managers. The managers perform a rollback of the updates under their control and send an acknowledgement to the coordinator. This is the basic flow through the two-phase commit process. Naturally, there are a number of other options. For example, the Prepare phase will have a timeout so that if no response is received from one of the transaction managers after a period of time, the transaction will be aborted. The same would happen if a transaction manager didn t receive a commit or abort message within a reasonable time frame. Also, from a responsiveness perspective, the entire
Table 7-3
queue.Send(msg, MessageQueueTransactionType.Single);
5. To get the statistics in list format for all mailboxes in the First Storage Group that have a total item size greater than or equal to 1 MB and redirect the output into the file C:\SizeStats.csv, enter the following command:
B. Incorrect: Gpresult.exe is used to determine the resultant Group Policy configuration.
One of your customers owns a small business with six computers running Windows XP. The business has a single Internet connection a cable modem connected to one of the computers. The owner configured ICS on the computer connected to the Internet and then restarted the other computers on the network. All computers except one could connect to the Internet. You ask her to type ipconfig at the command prompt of the computer that does not connect, and she gets the following result: Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Description This event is raised when the mouse wheel is moved.
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Define a Common User Interface Layout
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