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Describe the purpose of a service. Create a service project in Visual Studio. Specify properties for a service. Install a service manually. Create a setup project for a service. Start and manage a service using tools built into Windows.
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Case Scenario
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To further practice and reinforce the skills you learned in this chapter, you can per form the following tasks:
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Lesson 3: The Asynchronous Programming Model
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Figure 9-2 NAT forwards packets from a private network to the public Internet.
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Message tracking logs are CSV files that can be read by report generation and analysis software as well as the Message Tracking tool and Exchange Management Shell commands. Investigate the use of such software. If you have Microsoft Office installed on your test network, then Microsoft Access and Excel provide a good starting point for this exercise.
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Members Can Include Users, computers, and global groups from the same domain. Group Can Be a Member of Global groups in same domain. Domain local groups in any domain in the forest or in any trusting domain. Other universal groups or domain local groups in any domain in the forest. Cannot be a member of any other group at these domain functional levels.
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D. Incorrect: There is no distribution defined by a single test. You should define two tests to mimic the way users work with your system. 4. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: You do not want your processors to be overtaxed. However, this metric should be monitored during stress testing and not during performance testing. B. Incorrect: The memory utilization metric is another stress indicator. It does not provide details on transaction performance. C. Incorrect: The requests per second indicate how many requests are coming into the server, not how pages are performing. D. Correct: The response time represents the average response time for requests. You can drill into this data to determine actual page response times. 5. Correct Answers: A and C A. Correct: Agents execute your tests. Controllers manage the agents. B. Incorrect: The test controller (and not the agent) tells the agents what tests to run, what data to use for those tests, and when to start and stop the tests. C. Correct: Agents send their test data back to the controller. The controller is used to review the aggregated agent results. D. Incorrect: Testers use clients to author and edit tests.
Lesson 5 Review
C is correct. SSL bridging allows ISA Server to accept SSL requests from clients and decrypt them to be inspected. A is incorrect because SSL tunneling simply passes SSL packets without looking at them. B is incorrect because link translation provides references to other internal Web servers and D is incorrect because path mapping redirects requests to alternate locations within your site.
Describe how DHCP assigns IP addresses. Describe the DHCP IP address-assignment process. Identify APIPA (Automatic Private IP addressing).
MoveMultiple.ps1 Source C:\IdentifyUsers.csv
Putting It All Together
In a Windows network, a connection is a logically configured interface between a physical network and a network adapter or modem. You can view the connections cur rently configured on your computer by using the Network Connections tool in Control Panel.
To get the longest possible battery life while attending the meeting, click the battery meter in the notification area, and then click Max Battery. The Max Battery power scheme is designed to conserve as much power as possible and will cause the screen to go black frequently.
Internal Firewall
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