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Make Denso QR Bar Code in C# Lesson Summary

Table 1-4
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For details about all the practice test options available, see the How to Use the Practice Tests sec tion in this book s Introduction.
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Case Scenario
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Practice 1
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William Ryan The task of software configuration in the recent past was far different than what it entails today. Not long ago, there wasn t a System.Configuration namespace, and there wasn t a Windows Registry or isolated storage either. Even with the advent of .NET Framework, creating and customizing an application s configuration was typically quite a chore. When writing my first production .NET application, I spent well over six hours creating the configuration files, creating the classes to handle those files, and testing the code. Just to get a comparative baseline, I rewrote the configuration elements of that same application using the new tools provided with Visual Studio. The task that took me over six hours to complete back then was now accomplished in under 15 minutes!
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ing and turns it into an electronic fingerprint. This fingerprint, or coded mes sage, is unique to both the message or document and the signer. A digital signature ensures that the signatory is indeed the originator of the message. Any changes made to the document after it was signed invalidate the signature, thereby protecting against forgery. Digital signatures help organizations sustain signer authenticity, accountability, data integrity, and nonrepudiation of docu ments and transactions.
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queue.Authenticate = true;
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Error Handling with @@ERROR
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cb = New AsyncCallback(AddressOf HandleCallback) proxy.BeginSubmitOrder(order, cb, proxy) Console.WriteLine( _ "Order submitted asynchronously; waiting for callback") // C# OrderEntryServiceClient proxy = new OrderEntryServiceClient(); Order order = new Order(); order.Product = "Widget-ABC"; order.Quantity = 10; // Etc... AsyncCallback cb = new AsyncCallback(HandleCallback); proxy.BeginSumbitOrder(order, cb, proxy); Console.WriteLine( "Order submitted asynchronously; waiting for callback");
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Examining the Theoretical Query Execution Order
Case Scenario 2: The Merger
' VB Dim DateInfo As DateTimeFormatInfo = _ New DateTimeFormatInfo() DateInfo.DateSeparator = "." DateInfo.DayNames = New String() {"FirstDay", "SecondDay", _ "ThirdDay", "FourthDay", "FifthDay", "SixthDay", "SeventhDay"} // C# DateTimeFormatInfo DateInfo = new DateTimeFormatInfo(); DateInfo.DateSeparator = "."; DateInfo.DayNames = new String[] { "FirstDay", "SecondDay", "ThirdDay", "FourthDay", "FifthDay", "SixthDay", "SeventhDay" };
Case Scenario 1: Report Archiving
' VB tbSalary.Text = Format(100000, "Currency") // C# tbSalary.Text = (100000).ToString("C");
The 180-day evaluation edition of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and the 60-day eval uation edition of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 (and Microsoft SQL Server 2000) that are provided with this training kit are not the full retail products and are provided only for the purposes of training and evaluation. Microsoft and Microsoft Technical Support do not support these evaluation editions.
2. Which of the methods implemented by the XML data type enables you to execute the following XQUERY expression (Choose all that apply.)
In a clustered index, the leaf-level (the lowest level) is the data. If a table has a clustered index, the data is stored in the order of the index.
The printers in the printer pool are not identical.
UTF8Encoding False
Lesson 4: Configuring Languages, Locations, and Accessibility Options
A shadow copy set is a group of volume shadow copies that are synchronized at the same point in time. A clone shadow copy is a full copy of the volumes in a shadow copy set. A clone is independent of the original data. If all the original data is lost, the clone still persists intact. To make sure that a restorable copy is available if a failure occurs during a backup, Microsoft recommends that you use an N + 1 scheme, where N is the number of backup clones that you want to have available to restore at any time. If you decide, for example, you need only one backup, you then need two target clones that you can rotate between to prevent data loss if a failure occurs during a backup. The third-party provider software determines how a clone is created. Some solutions prepare mirror copies in advance. These copies are then used to take a backup, providing you with a read-only copy and a live production volume. This strategy has almost no effect on the production LUNs during the backup and checksum integrity process. However, it does create significant I/O load on production LUNs before the backup. You must make sure that you schedule time to resynchronize a clone that is no longer needed with the production LUN when you rotate through multiple clones. For restoration, the solution might resynchronize the read-only copy to the production LUN, which affects any other online storage groups that are using the same production LUN until all the data is copied. During restore, some storage arrays just change pointers to the read-only copy. This makes it writable. Other solutions create a clone at the time of backup, where all the data in the LUN must be copied to another LUN. That data is then marked read-only. This strategy typically consumes less up-front capacity but requires all data to be copied at the time of backup. With this strategy, you must know how many gigabytes per hour a particular storage controller can support in addition to the effect on the production database LUNs during the copy. This enables you to design your LUNs correctly for maximum throughput and to plan the timing of this operation to minimize the effect on your production LUNs.
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