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The correct answers are A and C. B is not correct because you cannot include the Control Panel icon on your Desktop. D is not correct because you cannot remove the Recycle Bin icon from your Desktop.
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C. Correct: Use the File Locations tab to set the default Documents location as well
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Figure 2-3 A typical branch office structure and a regional branch structure
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Zone Storage
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1. Right-click the server name in the DNS node of Server Manager and choose Set Aging/ Scavenging For All Zones. 2. Select the Scavenge Stale Resource Records check box to enable the feature. No-Refresh Interval refers to the time between the most recent refresh of a record stamp and the moment when the system allows the timestamp to be refreshed again. Refresh Interval refers to the earliest moment when a record may be updated or when it may be scavenged if no updates have been applied. The default value of seven days is sufficient for most networks. 3. Leave the default values as is and click OK. 4. Because you set the values for existing zones, DNS also enables you to set it for any future zone you create, including Active Directory integrated zones. Select the Apply These Settings To The Existing Active Directory-Integrated Zones check box and click OK. Your DNS zones are set to remove stale records. Make sure you apply these settings to every DNS server in your network. Make this part of your default configuration for DNS servers. If you need to modify the setting for a single zone, you must use the Properties dialog box for that zone. Zone scavenging is performed by using the General tab and clicking the Aging button. You ll note that in the server s context menu, you can also manually initiate scavenging by clicking Scavenge Stale Resource Records. You use this operation when you discover that your servers are sending out stale data. If you do discover that records are stale, you can also use the Clear Cache command from the same context menu. Because the DNS server relies heavily on the in-memory cache to improve performance, you might have scavenged records from the database but find they are still in the cache, which might still be providing false positives. Finalizing FLZ Configuration When you examine the Properties dialog box for a FLZ, you ll find that there are several options you can set for each zone. Make a point of examining these options and configure the following settings for each production DNS zone as a best practice:
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Diagnose and Resolve Caching Issues 16-25
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IT Manager The biggest problem we re running into is currency and date dif- data matrix barcode
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Use the BasicHttpBinding class through a configuration file setting as shown here:
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Why Perform Bulk Copies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 305
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Assume that you have a traditional three-tier application with a presentation layer, business layer, and data access layer. Assume further that all three layers run on the same machine. It all works well, but due to a growing user base the application starts to perform sluggishly. This result isn t all that surprising because every part of the application is running on the same machine. If you don t use remoting, not a lot can be done other than buying more powerful hardware. This solution is expensive, and it s impractical because users might not appreciate the downtime. If you use remoting, you can move the assemblies to other machines to spread out the load. However, if you registered your components in code, you ll have to recompile the assemblies with the new references and locations and redeploy. In a zero-downtime environment, this might not be a viable option and all the benefits of remoting are effectively whittled away. However, if you use remoting and configuration, you can simply copy the assemblies to the new machine or machines and change the configuration file. Without even restarting Internet Information Services (IIS), your application can consume the assemblies on new machines. Similarly, let s say that you need to modify one of the components and you wanted to add some new assemblies. Using either remoting or configuration, you d be in the same position that I first mentioned. However, using remoting and configuration, the solution is as easy as adding the files to a given machine and making the appropriate entries in the configuration file. Although this might sound enticing already, the real beauty of this approach isn t evident until you actually see it in action. The following code is all that is needed to register a component as a server:
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Correlated subqueries include a reference to the outer query. Typically, this reference is used to filter the correlated subquery. A correlated subquery is typically good for performance when used in combination with the EXISTS operator to filter the outer query. The following example query uses the EXISTS operator to return only products that have been sold:
Lesson 1: Deploying Applications Using Group Policy and SCCM 2007
Listing the mailboxes in the Mailbox Database database
Case Scenario Exercises
Lesson 4: Detecting Management Events
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' VB Dim threads As Integer Dim completionPorts As Integer ' Get the number of threads from the ThreadPool ThreadPool.GetMinThreads(threads, completionPorts)
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