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Aside from basic commands like starting and stopping a service, most configuration of a service happens by using the service s Properties dialog box. To open the Properties dialog box for a service, right-click the service and click Properties. The General tab of a service s Properties dialog box (see Figure 18-2) shows you information about the service, such as the service name, display name (what you see in the Services console), description, and path to the executable file for the service.
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You are a consultant for Proseware, Inc., a small software development company whose encyclopedia software has suddenly become extremely popular. Proseware just received their Web site bandwidth bill from their Internet service provider (ISP), and it was much higher than they expected. They want to find ways to distribute their software and data files other than having users download it directly from their Web site. However, they are concerned that users will not trust that the files have not been modified, because they were generated by Proseware. They hired you to recommend a method to allow users to verify the integrity of their files. You interview key personnel and review technical requirements before making your recommendations. Interviews
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This prevents problems that occur when a cache (such as a disk cache that is not battery backed up) accepts the I/O and informs SQL Server that the I/O is complete, when in fact it has not yet been stored to stable media. Without this capability, SQL Server could not rely on the system to support WAL protocol needs.
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1. You are unsure of which options were used when SQL Server 2005 was installed. An error on the disk has caused many program files to become corrupt. Which course of action should you pursue to get SQL Server 2005 working again A. Restore the system databases in single-user mode. B. Use the installation media to rebuild the system databases. C. Use the installation media with the REINSTALL=ALL and REINSTALLMODE=OMUS switches. D. Uninstall SQL Server 2005, and perform a clean reinstall. 2. Which recovery model always allows the database administrator to recover to a particular named transaction A. Simple B. Bulk-logged C. Full 3. Under which circumstances can a file in the primary filegroup be offline A. The database is online. B. The database is offline. C. The primary filegroup is marked read-only. D. The primary filegroup is compressed. 4. What sort of backup should you always try to take prior to performing a database restoration when a database uses the full recovery model and is online A. Tail-log backup B. Bulk log backup C. Full database backup D. Differential backup
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Correct Answers: C
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// Add the DataTable to the Dataset's Tables collection.
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BIDS is intelligent enough to suggest a processing option for you. For example, if there are no structural changes to a dimension, BIDS will set the default processing option to Process Update because it assumes that you want to update the dimension data.
Guidelines for Sanitizing User Comments
Using Windows XP Tools
Exercise 3: Configuring an Outlook Web Access Publishing Rule
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In this practice, you use the DBCC CHECKDB utility to check the AdventureWorks database for any possible errors. 1. If necessary, open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the appropriate instance. 2. Expand the Databases folder. 3. Right-click the AdventureWorks database and choose New Query. 4. In the Query window, type DBCC CHECKDB and click the Execute button. 5. When the command finishes executing, scroll to the bottom of the messages window and verify that it has the same message shown in Figure 4-7.
Configuring System Recovery Options
Using your knowledge of the setup process and the Knowledge Base, determine what the problem could be and how you might solve it.
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3. Both project data sources and package connections are connection strings. However, a data source resides outside the package and can be used as the connection reference for more than one package. A package connection does not have to be associated with a data source.
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