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International Organization for Standardization (ISO) image by accessing http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd349343.aspx and clicking the appropriate link. Installing the Windows AIK from a DVD-ROM You create an installation DVD-ROM by burning the downloaded ISO image to DVD-ROM. Right-click the ISO image file and click Burn Disk Image. To install Windows AIK from DVDROM, perform the following steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. Insert the DVD-ROM. On the Welcome screen, click Windows AIK Setup. On the Setup Wizard Welcome page, click Next. Select the I Agree check box to accept the license terms. Click Next. Click Next to accept the defaults on the Select Installation Folder page (unless you want to change the installation folder). 5. Click Next to start installation. The installation can take some time. 6. Click Close to exit. When the Windows AIK is installed, you can access the Windows AIK from the All Programs menu. This gives you access to the Windows AIK documentation; the Deployment Tools command prompt, which offers command-line utilities that implement ImageX; DISM; the Oscdimg tool (for creating ISO images); and Windows SIM. Quick Check Which Windows AIK tool do you use to create an answer file that enables hands-free installation of a WIM image
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The Query Optimizer is responsible for constructing an efficient plan of attack to answer queries. Procedure Cache Manager The Procedure Cache Manager is responsible for managing the storage and retrieval of query execution plans that the optimizer has constructed. Statistics Manager The Statistics Manager is responsible for maintaining statistical information on indexes to ensure that the most up-to-date information is used when constructing a query plan. Each of these components works together to construct the most efficient plan, or set of instructions, to provide to the storage engine for data retrieval and storage. One of the most prevalent design goals for the SQL Server 2005 query engine was to make it invisible to the user. The hope was that developers would never need to know about the internal workings of the query engine, and it would just do its job without interaction. In previous versions of SQL Server, developers of large-scale applications spent a fair amount of time trying to fool the query engine into generating more efficient query plans. This practice led to a number of query hints and options being embedded in T-SQL code that helped instruct the query engine. Unfortunately, due to the improvements in the SQL Server 2005 query engine, this practice can lead to less-efficient queries, and as the applications are upgraded to SQL Server 2005, many developers are finding that their applications are running more slowly. Developers need to understand exactly how the query engine processes data in SQL Server 2005 to make the best choices for creating efficient queries within their applications.
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1. A worker has decided to synchronize her personal laptop with the desktop computer that she uses in the office. She configures her My Documents folder on the desktop computer to be available for offline use. She brings her laptop into the office and tries to set up a sync partnership with the Offline Files folder on her desktop computer but is unable to. Her desktop computer is running Windows Vista Ultimate and has 2 GB of RAM and a 400-GB hard disk. Her laptop is running Windows Vista Home Premium and has 1 GB of RAM and a 100-GB hard disk. Both hard disks have more than 75 percent free disk space. Her company uses a workgroup configuration and not an Active Directory directory service domain. What is the problem A. There is insufficient RAM in the laptop computer. B. There is insufficient hard disk space in the laptop computer. C. The office computer needs to be a member of an Active Directory domain before files can be configured for offline use. D. Her laptop is running the wrong version of Windows Vista. 2. You see a colleague checking her e-mail on a handheld device and ask her if she has purchased a new mobile phone. She tells you that the device is not a mobile phone, and she is accessing e-mail on her computer. Her mobile PC is on the other side of the room. The lid is closed, and the computer appears to be turned off. What type of device is your colleague likely to be using A. A PDA that has formed a Windows Mobile partnership with the mobile PC through WMDC B. A SideShow-enabled device C. A PDA that has been configured to sync with the mobile PC through the Sync Center D. A PDA running Outlook 2007 that connects to the mobile PC by using a Bluetooth connection 3. A user reports that he has downloaded several new SideShow gadgets and enabled them on his SideShow-enabled multifunction handheld device, but now some of the information that was stored for previously installed devices is missing. What do you advise him to do A. Disable any SideShow gadgets he does not currently need. B. Use Windows Update to download updated SideShow gadgets. C. Change the order in which SideShow gadgets appear. D. Disable notifications for SideShow gadgets on the device.
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Lesson 3: Constructing Classes
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Navigating Records in a DataSet
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After this lesson, you will be able to:
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Order Number Customer Key Region Income Group vAssocSeqLineItems Order Number Line Number Model
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Function FirstName() As String
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trigger that you create to fire in response to a CREATE TABLE event does so whenever a CREATE TABLE event occurs in the database. A DDL trigger that you create to fire in response to a CREATE LOGIN event does so whenever a CREATE LOGIN event occurs in the server. In the first instance, you use the ON DATABASE scope; in the second instance, you use the ON ALL SERVER scope. Database-scoped DDL triggers are stored as objects in the database in which you create them. You can create DDL triggers in the master database, and they behave in a similar way to those created in user-designed databases. You can obtain information about DDL triggers by accessing the sys.triggers catalog view from within the database context in which they are created, or by specifying the database name as an identifier (for example, master.sys.triggers). Server-scoped DDL triggers are stored as objects in the master database. You can, however, obtain information about server-scoped DDL triggers by accessing the sys.server_triggers catalog view in any database context. Server-scoped DDL triggers appear in SSMS Object Explorer in the Triggers folder. This folder is located under the Server Objects folder. Database-scoped DDL triggers appear in the Database Triggers folder. This folder is located under the Programmability folder of the corresponding database.
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8. Click OK. Sysprep displays a Sysprep Is Working message box, telling you that the tool is removing the system-specific data on your computer. When Sysprep is finished, your computer shuts down. 9. If your computer does not turn off automatically after shutting down, turn your computer off.
Manage encryption keys and initialization.
In the following example, you will learn to add a POP3 account, and the procedures for adding an IMAP or HTTP account are quite similar. To add a POP3 e-mail account for an Outlook 2003 client, follow these steps: 1. Open Outlook 2003. 2. Click Tools, and click E-Mail Accounts to open the E-Mail Accounts Wizard. 3. On the E-Mail Accounts page, choose Add A New E-Mail Account, and click Next. 4. On the Server Type page, click POP3, and click Next. 5. On the Internet E-Mail Settings (POP3) page, shown in Figure 4-1, type the required information.
Objective 3.1 Questions 1.
Administering Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Lesson Review
Playing with Ribbon Colors
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