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Console.WriteLine("Method invocation was cancelled") Else Console.WriteLine("Method completed: {0} Value: {1}", _
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Lesson 1: Querying Data
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Using the Appearance Settings dialog box to set the color scheme to Windows
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MOM 2005 SP1 generates the Mailbox Size Exceptions, Exchange Mailboxes, Top 100 Mailboxes (by size), and Highest Growth Mailboxes reports. These are standard reports, and you can use the tool to configure reports that give you other information. However, if you do not have this tool in your organization or if you want more detailed and flexible reports, you can use Exchange Management Shell commands based on the Get-MailboxStatistics cmdlet. You can pipe the output from these commands into the Format-List command if you want to see them listed in detail in the Exchange Management Shell console or into a command based on the Export-Csv cmdlet to capture the results in a CSV file for report generation. For example, if you wanted a report that gave details of all disconnected mailboxes on the mailbox server Glasgow, you could use the following command:
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Technical Requirements
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Summarizing Routes Through Supernetting
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Figure 8-7 Configuring the Web listener advanced settings
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XmlReader aReader;
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Table 4-15 Hashtable Methods
Case Scenarios
A computer that meets or exceeds the minimum hardware requirements listed in this book s Introduction. Visual Studio 2005 installed on the computer, with either Visual Basic .NET or C# installed. DirectX Software Development Kit (SDK) installed on the computer. The August 2006 SDK installation file can be downloaded from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/ details.aspx familyid=C72D9F1E-53F3-4747-8490-6801D8E8B4EF. Earlier versions of the SDK might also work.
Figure 5-3 Moving a mailbox by using Exchange Management Shell
1. On ISA1, open Add Or Remove Programs from the Control Panel. 2. Click Add/Remove Windows Components. 3. In the Windows Components dialog box, click Application Server, and then click Details. Do not select the check box for Application Server. 4. In the Application Server dialog box, click Internet Information Services (IIS), and then click Details. Do not select the check box for Internet Information Services (IIS). 5. In the Internet Information Services (IIS) dialog box, click the SMTP Service check box, and then click OK. 6. Click OK in the Internet Information Services (IIS) dialog box, and then click OK to close the Application Server dialog box. In the Windows Components dialog box, click Next. 7. If you see an Insert Disk dialog box, provide the Windows Server 2003 installation CD-ROM. 8. When the installation completes, click Finish.
using RSKeyMgmt.exe to Manage Scale-out Deployment
Existing Windows Projector Network Projector Adapter Windows Vista-based Laptop
Figure 9-10
14. From the Manufacturer list, click HP; from the Printers list, scroll down the list, click HP LaserJet 8100 Series PCL, and then click Next. The Name Your Printer page appears. The default name in the Printer Name field is the printer model, HP LaserJet 8100 Series PCL. The name you enter should conform to naming conventions in your enterprise. For this exercise, enter the name HPLJ8100. 15. Type HPLJ8100 and click Next. The Printer Sharing page appears, prompting you for printer-sharing information. The share name should also reflect naming conventions in your enterprise. As discussed earlier, the printer s UNC (that is, \\Servername\Printersharename) should not exceed 32 characters. 16. Verify that the Share Name option is selected. 17. In the Share Name text box, type HPLJ8100, and then click Next. The Location And Comment page appears.
Configuring SSL bridging for a Web chaining rule
Questions and Answers
This technique works; however, it has significant drawbacks:
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