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An additional column is available to be displayed if required:
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An application domain is a logical container that allows multiple assemblies to run within a single process but prevents them from directly accessing other assemblies memories. Create an application domain any time you want to launch an assembly. The AppDomain class contains methods for defining privileges, folders, and other properties for a new application domain; launching an assembly; and unloading an application domain. To create an AppDomain class, call the static AppDomain.CreateDomain method. AppDomain does not have any traditional constructors. To load an assembly in an application domain, create an instance of the AppDomain class, and then call the AppDomain.ExecuteAssembly method. To unload an application domain, call the AppDomain.Unload static method.
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Figure 8-3
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Figure 2-9 You should schedule Automatic Updates to download and install updates automatically.
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Lesson Review
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SQL Server supports two types of triggers: DML and DDL. DML triggers can be either AFTER or INSTEAD OF triggers. You can create any number of AFTER triggers for a table or view, but you can create only one INSTEAD OF trigger for each data-modification operation for a table or view. When DML triggers fire, they have access to special tables named INSERTED and DELETED. DDL triggers fire in response to DDL events that occur on the server, such as creating, altering, or dropping an object. The main purposes of DDL triggers are to provide an additional means of security and to audit any DDL commands issued against a database.
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In this practice, you list the mailboxes in your Exchange organization for which the user has been removed from Active Directory so that the mailboxes are disconnected. The practice assumes that the user mailboxes isabel.martins@tailspintoys.internal and tony.allen@tailspintoys.internal exist in your organization. If not, choose other mailboxes. The procedure also lists any other mailboxes that you might have created and disconnected while studying previous chapters. 1. If necessary, log on to your Exchange Server 2007 server by using the Kim_Akers account. 2. Open Exchange Management Shell. 3. Enter the following command:
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If you need to specify a custom color, use the static Color.FromArgb method. The method has several overloads, so you can specify the color by using a single byte, by specifying the red, green, and blue levels, or by using other information.
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Suggested Practices
A computer that meets or exceeds the minimum hardware requirements listed in the Introduction at the beginning of this book. SQL Server 2005 installed, as well as the SQL Server 2005 AdventureWorks sample database. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or Microsoft Visual C# or Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition installed. Experience designing and executing queries in SQL Server Management Studio. Experience creating Web-based applications using Visual Studio 2005.
set the CPUMask value to 0xF0 (11110000 binary). Soft-NUMA support can also be used in systems that support hardware NUMA to control the processor-to-memory affinity.
The following example command introduces a new boundary point to the partition function named partfunc:
SmtpClient.SendAsync accepts two parameters: the MailMessage object to be sent and a generic Object. You can specify Null or any other object for the second parameter; it is strictly for your own use. The .NET Framework simply passes it to the event handler. If you were sending multiple messages asynchronously, you could use the second parameter to keep track of which message generated the event.
Method GetNamedItem Item RemoveNamedItem SetNamedItem
8. Setup displays a screen warning that formatting the disk will delete all files from it. Press F to format the drive and continue. 9. After the format process is complete, Setup copies the files needed to complete the next phase of the install process and then restarts the computer. 10. After the computer restarts, Setup enters the GUI mode portion of the installation. 11. Setup continues the installation for several minutes, and then displays the Regional And Language Options page. Make sure that the settings are correct for your area, and then click Next. 12. The Personalize Your Software page appears. Fill in the appropriate information and click Next. 13. The Product Key entry page appears. Enter the 25-digit product ID and click Next. 14. The Computer Name And Administrator Password page appears. Enter a name for your computer, choose a password for the Administrator account, and click Next. 15. The Date And Time Settings page appears. Make sure that the information is correct for your area and click Next. If Setup detects an installed network adapter, Setup will install network components next. 16. The Network Settings page appears. You should select the Typical Settings option if you want Setup to automatically configure networking components. Typical components include Client For Microsoft Networks, File And Print Sharing For Microsoft Networks, and TCP/IP. Click Next. 17. After you choose the network settings, Setup displays the Workgroup Or Computer Domain name page. Enter the appropriate information and click Next.
Function Name Registration
OSPF has faster convergence times. OSPF uses less network bandwidth. OSPF-calculated routes are always loopfree.
1. How can you constrain the input before you write any code
a multitasking system depends on how well the various tasks are isolated from one another. multithreading The simultaneous processing of several threads inside the same program. Because several threads can be processed in parallel, one thread does not have to finish before another one can start.
A. Rooslan should edit a GPO and configure the Windows Update properties. The
The DNS Server service is installed on all three Windows Server 2003 domain control lers in your Active Directory domain, and all zones are Active Directory integrated. You suspect problems exist in the replication of zone information. Which tool should you use to further isolate the problem A. In System Monitor, check the IXFR Success Received counter. B. Use the Replmon utility. C. Check for errors in the DNS server Event Log. D. In the DNS console, access the Monitoring tab of the server properties dialog box for all three DNS servers. Enable automatic query testing.
Dim cmd As SqlCommand Dim ret As Int32 = 0 'Connect to the context connection Dim conn as New SqlConnection("Context connection=true") conn.Open() cmd = New SqlCommand("SELECT ProductID FROM Production.Product " & _ " WHERE ProductNumber = @prodNumber", conn) cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@prodNumber", prodNumber)
Figure 9-2 Adding a Settings class using the Visual Studio 2005 integrated development environment (IDE)
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