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dtexec.exe /file "c:\MyPackage.dtsx"
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Supporting Network Connectivity
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Figure 5-1
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If your computer is not running the Aero interface, clicking Window Color And Appearance takes you to the appearance settings screen that was in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. You can alter color schemes in the same manner that worked with these older operating systems. Practice 3, at the end of this lesson, further explores the options for modifying Windows Vista s color and appearance.
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Figure 11-29
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Get-MessageTrackingLog Server Glasgow EventID RECEIVE | Group Sender | Export-Csv C:\GlasgowReceivers.csv Notype
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Microsoft Press
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You can perform a pen flick by quickly dragging the pen in a straight line across the screen for approximately an inch (2.5 cm). Windows Vista performs a different action depending on the direction of the flick. The default configuration of pen flicks allows you to use them in a way similar to that of the scroll wheel on a mouse. The default flicks are scroll up, scroll down, forward, and back; and they are assigned to the up, down, right, and left flicks, respectively. These default flicks are primarily used for navigating the Internet using a web browser. More advanced users can go beyond the default four directions and configure Windows Vista to understand up to eight. You do this by selecting the Navigational Flicks And Editing Flicks
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Manage Application Security Settings
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Table 2-1
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The two most common causes of password problems are that the user is mistyping the user name or password, or that the CAPS LOCK key is engaged.
7. 8.
Messaging services are typically mission critical or at least business critical. Even if e-mail is not mission critical, the loss of messaging services can create substantial disruption. Redundancy, security, and fault tolerance are important but cannot protect you from database loss, damage, or corruption. You need to back up (at least) all critical data in your Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 organization. As an Exchange administrator, you need to know how to correctly back up Exchange 2007, how to restore Exchange 2007, and how to repair corrupt databases when no backups are available. Disaster recovery relies on decisions you make during the initial planning process. You need to carefully consider the following:
Lesson 2: Resolving Performance Problems
Attributes That Control XML Formatting
B. Incorrect: The ASR process recovers the system files; it does not recover data.
Catch ex As Exception
Before taking the exam, review the key points and terms that are presented in this chapter. You need to know this information.
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